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00000DaniJohnsonDani Johnson went from being homeless, living in her car, to millionaire in less than two years. She had flown to Hawaii and was working as a cocktail waitress, but she was $35,000 in debt and didn’t have enough money for a hotel. She had only a few dollars in change.

Dani got stoned on coke and woke up very confused the next morning. She had grown so despondent that she decided to end it all. She was on a beach and began walking out into the ocean and dove underneath a wave. Surprisingly enough, she didn’t die, in fact her life changed dramatically at that point. She said it was like a miracle.

“I heard a voice say, ‘Pick up your mat and walk.’’

She rolled up her beach mat, turned around and walked a mile to her car.

Dani had lived through terrible problems, she was sexually abused and said this about her life:

“I was stoned out of my mind for two months – sleeping with eight different guys. I got to eat only by dating all these people. I realized that I had become worse than the family I grew up in and that was devastating. My mom and dad were drug addicts and I had never seen my parents sober. My childhood was filled with threats and getting beaten daily; week in, week out. My whole life was filled with horror and terror and lies and I vowed that I would never be like my family. And there I was doing cocaine…”

“I drove 45 minutes to the beach where I was living. And the whole time I was driving, it was as if the left side of my mind was saying, ‘This is not what is intended for your life, you shouldn’t be drinking. There is more to life,’ and the right side was saying, ‘You’re a failure, you’re a loser, you’re filthy; worse than your parents. Drive this car into the ocean.’ This was like a war inside my mind with these voices and I was literally in a trance.” From Forbes Magazine online

She got in her car and suddenly realized she had a money making opportunity in the back seat. It was a weight loss product. She made a handmade flyer (this was before computers were popular) and put it up in the Post Office where everyone in town went.

She had bargained for a voice mail account and the next day she found 25 messages on it from the flyer. She ended the month with 40 checks from new customers for a total of $4000. She used a liquor store address as her own by talking the owner into it.

Dani made $250,000 the first year by selling the weight loss program. She was a millionaire by the second year and sold her business after starting 18 weight loss centers around the country. After selling her stores she was a multimillionaire. I will tell more about how she did it in my new book The Ten Keys to Success, which I will publish soon.

Are you responsible for your success and happiness or are other people? Is your spouse, company or country responsible for your success and happiness, or are you?

Everyone has a different idea of what success is, but almost everyone agrees that they want success in their relationships.

W. Clement Stone was brought up in a poor family. His father died when he was 3 years old and his death left the family impoverished because he had large gambling debts. He mother first worked as a dressmaker and later opened an insurance company. Stone began selling newspapers on the street in the south side of Chicago when he was 6 and had started his own newsstand by the time he was 13. He loved to read Horatio Alger stories about poor boys overcoming difficulties to become successful.

Later Stone began selling insurance by making cold calls, which he called “gold calls” which gives a sense of his optimism and powerful personality. He later hired other people to sell insurance and trained them how to succeed. He claimed he could tell within a few minutes of interviewing a potential salesperson if they would do well or not, probably based mostly on their confidence and willingness to try new things.

During his life, Stone gave over $275 million to charity including Christian and mental health organizations and civic groups. Not bad for a high school dropout.

Stone asked people he trained if they were 100% responsible for their life. If they said they thought so, he would tell them it was a yes or no question and expect a definite answer. He would ask this “Have you ever complained about anything?” If the person said yes, Stone would say that means:

1. You don’t take 100% responsibility for your life.
2. You have to acknowledge that you are responsible for absolutely everything that happens to you.

This is probably very difficult for most people to swallow. Most people say their failure is because the stock market dropped, their spouse was no good, the weather was too dry for crops, their parents were abusive, or their company just didn’t understand them.

George Washington Carver was born in an era in the southern part of the USA when blacks were not allowed in most schools. It would have been very easy for him to use that as an excuse and never become the great scientist that he was. He discovered over 325 uses for the peanut. But he said this: “99% of all failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses.”

Stone said that if you are going to have the life of your dreams, you will have to take full responsibility for your life. He also said “Regardless of what you are or what you have been, you can still become what you may want to be.”

Jesus said the same thing 2000 years ago, “Everything is possible for one who believes.” Mark 9:23 amazing power