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Don’t stop Groovin’(exercising) now, your health and happiness get a big boost from exercise. The brain produces endorphins when you groove. It is important to think of how you are going to continue to include physical activity into your day.  Motivation is key and is usually the hardest thing to come by.  This blog is designed to motivate you.

Every day is different which means that every day will present new obstacles to fitting in your workout and healthy eating.  The key is to make these IMPORTANT health habits a priority so that, no matter what comes up, you won’t let your health slide to the bottom of the priority list.

To stay motivated try these tricks:

Plan on ways to get past obstacles before they happen.   If you find you’re skipping exercise because of family responsibilities, plan a family walk or outing to get them involved too.

Workout in the morning.  You’ll have more energy throughout the day and you won’t have the excuse of skipping it because you’re tired or have to work late.

Workout with a friend.  When a friend is waiting for you, you’re less likely to back out!

List your goals and put them on the refrigerator.  When you think about skipping your workout, go back and read your list.  Remember why you’re doing this!

Keep track of your progress.  When you reach a goal – that will motivate you to keep going.

Plan your workouts the night before.  Wake up each day and ask yourself how you’ll make your day healthy.  Plan your workouts the night before and be prepared with a workout bag read to go so there are no excuses!

Reward yourself!  It’s important to pat yourself on the back for reaching your goals.  Get yourself a massage, a new pair of workout shoes or a night on the town every so often.


hugOur beliefs control us

“We live our lives by a set of beliefs, or paradigms, that are always with us. These are beliefs that we have developed over time to help us define the world and our place in it. The biggest mistake we often make is to underestimate the power of our ingrained beliefs and their ability to limit our ideas of what is possible in life. When we set resolutions or goals that challenge these paradigms, we are frequently doomed to failure – yet don’t understand why.” Bob Proctor, from his free email newsletter at

We believe we will never lose 40 pounds because we have tried and failed in the past.

We believe we will never get out of debt because we can’t see any way to do it.

We believe our marriage will not improve because it hasn’t in the past.

We believe we won’t get that promotion at work, that new house, new car, good health.

Struggling against our beliefs wearies us

Our deepest beliefs are like an automatic pilot on a ship or airplane. It controls which way the boat or our life goes. When you are steering a boat with autopilot, and you don’t want to go the direction it is programed to go, you have to constantly fight against the steering wheel, trying to pull it in a direction it is not programed to go. It tires you out and makes it very difficult to change course.

If our deepest belief says we won’t get out of debt, lose weight or be happy, it is very difficult to fight against that belief. But if we change our deepest beliefs it makes it much easier to achieve our dreams and goals in life.

How do we succeed?

How do we change our deepest beliefs? One way is to use affirmations. I used this method to lose weight during the holiday season. I repeated “I weight x pounds” over and over again to myself. I began to really belief I would lose weight. I began to eat less and kept exercising and I lost weight during Halloween and Thanksgiving, two holidays that normally make me gain weight. Then I decided to splurge for Christmas and gained some back, but I am sure I can use the affirmations again to lose the weight.

When we repeat affirmations, it puts a thought deeply into our subconscious so that we begin to see ways to accomplish the goal. It begins to change our core beliefs so that our brain starts looking for solutions to problems while we sleep and during the day. We start to see opportunities that were there all along, but we just didn’t notice them. It is like driving the same route to work every day and suddenly noticing a house that you didn’t notice before.

Some affirmations

I love my job.

I like myself (this works wonders)

I love my spouse and my spouse loves me.

I weigh xx pounds (even better: I will weight xx pounds by March 20, 2013)

I will get the promotion I am working for by January 2014