My friend, I hope you will pray about this, it is very important. I hope you don’t feel I’m being unfriendly. Please read this with an open mind.

When I was a child I asked my mom to read me the Bible. I could not understand the KJV at all, but I could understand some of the modern translations.

500 years ago people were burned at the stake and persecuted because they wanted to translate the Bible into something that the common person could understand. Today the KJV is not understandable by the common person. So many words have changed meaning that only those who grew up reading the KJV can understand it. People want a modern,  easy to understand translation today, but some rail against it.

1.    The NT was originally written in Greek. Whenever I compare KJV to NIV, the Greek always agrees with NIV better than KJV.

2.    King James was insane and had some strange theology. The translators had to please him or be punished. King James was Anglican, which is the same as Catholic but they don’t recognize the pope. The original KJV had the Catholic books in it, the Apocrypha, which are not in the protestant Bible. So King James wanted people to pray to Mary and the saints and do all the other Catholic rituals. Some common Catholic rituals probably included praying to statues.

3.    King James killed and persecuted Christians that did not share his beliefs. The Pilgrims left England (1620) due to religious persecution against them about the same time the KJV was translated (1611). The people who translated the KJV hated Christians who didn’t share their incorrect beliefs.

4.    KJV calls Holy Spirit “it.” Not true at all.

5.    Many historians believe King James was gay. The word homosexual is never found in the KJV and is soft on homosexuality in most places.

6.    They did not have copy machines, therefore did not have access to many ancient texts in 1611. The original texts were in different locations around the world. We can make copies today and scholars can study all of them together to ensure accuracy, they could not then. As a result, some verses were added in to the KJV which should not have been.

7.    Many of the words from 1611 have completely different meaning today than they did then which causes people to misunderstand certain verses.

8.    The KJV is too difficult for most to understand unless they grew up with it

9.    Some manuscripts have been found after the KJV was translated, so they didn’t have them when the KJV was translated. This means the KJV had less material to use.

10. There was an English translation of the Bible already in existence, the Geneva translation. King James did not like it because it had commentary in it that disrespected the pope. Since he was the pope of the Anglican church of England, he wanted that translation destroyed. The Anglican church had all of the teachings of the Catholic church, the only difference was they did not follow the pope. They prayed to Mary and had all the beliefs of the Catholic church.

11. The KJV translates the Greek word “porneo” into different English words-fornication and adultery. The original words of Christ made no distinction between the two, so that is a mistake in the KJV.