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Get a free ebook “Law of Success” when you sign up below. Napoleon Hill, one of the best selling authors of all time, studied 500 of the most successful people in the world for many years to find their secrets which he wrote in this book. Some of these ideas have even helped me lose weight.

This book is great for setting any kind of goal and achieving success. Do you want better relationships, career and finances? It really is possible to get out of debt! Read what the expert said about getting what you really want in life. Scroll down to see some comments made by famous people about the book.

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By applying many of the 16 fundamentals of the Law of Success philosophy we have built a great chain of successful stores. I presume it would be no exaggeration of fact if I said that the Woolworth Building might properly be called a monument to the soundness of these principles. — F. W. Woolworth

Dear Mr. Hill: Thank you for your Law of Success. It is great stuff; I shall finish reading it. I would like to reprint that story “What I Would Do if I Had a Million Dollars” in the Business Section of the Public Ledger. — Cyrus H. K. Curtis, Publisher of Saturday Evening Post, Ladies Home Journal

I know that you are doing a world of good with your Law of Success. I would not care to set a monetary value on this training because it brings to the student qualities which cannot be measured by money alone. — George Eastman

I know that your 16 fundamentals for success are sound because I have been applying them in my business for more than 30 years. — John Wanamaker

Mastery of the Law of Success philosophy is the equivalent of an insurance policy against failure. — Samuel Gompers

May I congratulate you on your persistence. Any man who devotes that much time…must of necessity make discoveries of great value to others. I am deeply impressed by your interpretation of the “Master Mind” principles which you have so clearly described. —Woodrow Wilson

My Dear Mr. Hill: Allow me to express my appreciation of the compliment you have paid me in sending me the original manuscript of Law of Success. I can see you have spent a great deal of time and thought in its preparation. Your philosophy is sound and you are to be congratulated for sticking to your work over so long a period of years. Your students…will be amply rewarded for their labor. — Thomas A. Edison

My Dear Mr. Hill: I have now had an opportunity to finish reading your Law of Success textbooks, and I wish to express my appreciation of the splendid work you have done in this philosophy. It would be helpful if every politician in the country would assimilate and apply the 16 principles upon which the Law of Success is based. It contains some very fine material which every leader in every walk of life should understand. — William H. Taft, Former President of the United States and Chief Justice

Whatever success I may have attained I owe, entirely, to the application of your 16 fundamental principles of the Law of Success. I believe I have the honor of being your first student. — William Wrigley, Jr. 


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