Jesus said the key to answered prayer is…

26822I’m not going to tell you that you will get everything you want through prayer. No, I’m going to tell you about something even better.  You will get everything God wants for you through prayer because God wants the best for you.  He wants even better things for you than you do. God loves you much more than you love yourself and wants you to have joy and peace even more than you do. You will get everything you want through prayer if it is God’s will and you have faith. Faith is the key to answered prayer, but it takes months, years to develop.

Yes, it’s true:  You will experience powerful answers to prayer if you use the guidelines for prayer found in the Bible.   We’ll explore these guidelines as we travel this prayer journey together.  It is said we use less than 10% of our brainpower; but I think it’s very safe to say that most Christians use less than 10% of their prayer power. I have been in many churches across the United States and I find that most people don’t understand the power of prayer. Why is it that some churches see remarkable answers to prayer and others do not?   Perhaps you know some Christians who have very powerful prayer lives.  Yet others, who seem to be “good Christians” do not. Those believers with powerful prayer lives have learned and practice what the Bible says about how to have a powerful prayer life.  After you read this book, you’ll know the secret, too.

This is from my book Amazing Power of Prayer. Writing this book changed my prayer life for the better. I am amazed at the ideas I found in the Bible and explained by many different people in many books that show that faith is a key to answered prayer. After learning how to strengthen my faith I see many more answers to prayer. Not only that, but I found ideas that make life a whole lot more fun and happy and I included them in this book. This month, every penny of profit from my books will be used to spread God’s love around the world, through this blog and face book. This blog reaches 180 of the 191 countries in the world with ideas that make life better. Want to help spread the word? Buy the book and the profit will be used to help people around the world.

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  1. I finished the book you mailed me. What an amazing man. What an unshakable faith. Any move you’ve got like that I’d be glad to read. You want this one back?

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