You are a person of great worth

You are a person of great worth. You have enormous potential to accomplish incredible things in life.

 We all know people who are arrogant and turn people off because they think they are better than everyone else. But if we stop and think about it, we realize that there are very few arrogant people out there. In fact some people who seem arrogant and brag the most about their accomplishments are the people who have the lowest self-image. They don’t believe in themselves.

 You won’t accomplish your purpose in life if you have a low self-image. You won’t have good relationships with family, friends and co-workers if you have a low self-image. I took a graduate level class from an old man who had spent his entire life helping people One thing he had spent a lot of time doing was counseling people to have better marriages. He came to the conclusion that the biggest cause of divorce was bad self-image.

 I have heard that financial problems and the arguments they cause are the number one cause of divorce, so at first I doubted the wise old teacher. As the years pass, and I think about this, I begin to believe more and more that most problems in people’s lives are caused by bad self-image. They don’t believe in themselves.

 There was a man who was told in high school that he was stupid and should take the simplest job available when he finished high school. That is what he did. He worked year after year at a very simple job doing repetitive work. Then the company he worked for failed and he lost his job. So he applied for a position in another company. The standard procedure at that company was that all applicants were required to take an IQ test. He took the test and scored extremely high. He was shocked.

 He was offered a job but not doing the simplest work. His job required him to think and make decisions. After some time he invented two new things and got patents for them. He rose in the ranks and had an outstanding career. Why? Because he believed that he could do well after learning of his high IQ. He changed his perception of himself. He began to believe he could do great things. He began to believe in himself.

 I have known people who didn’t do well in school but were talented in some other way. I knew a lady who did very poorly in school but was a fantastic artist. Some are great salespeople. Some are outstanding athletes. Everyone has talent in some area of their life, but it is often difficult to find what it is.

 Many people have become rich by selling services or products. It doesn’t take a genius to sell. A man named W. Clement Stone became rich selling life insurance. He realized he could multiply his efforts  if he trained others to sell for him. Some of the biggest names in sales and writing are people trained by Stone. Jack Canfield, who sells hundreds of millions of books was a student of Stone. Og Mandino, another writer of hugely successful books was also his student. Stone taught them to believe in themselves.

 Almost anyone can make a lot of money but they must possess one quality. They must believe they can do it. If they don’t believe they can make good money, they won’t even try. Many try selling and after hearing people tell them “no” they give up. They had a weak belief, but when their faith was tested, they gave up. They didn’t believe in themselves.

 There are many companies that teach people how to sell. A common business model that has made thousands of people rich is network marketing. Most people who try it give up quickly, and lose the wealth they could have obtained. They lose faith that they can succeed. The reason most people say no to the people promoting this kind of business is that they don’t believe they can do it. They may have tried in the past and failed, or they heard of some similar kind of company that was not ethical and they believe all companies are this way.

 If you believe in yourself you will find a way to succeed if you have persistence and disciple. You will accomplish your purpose in life and you will excel. Does that seem hard to believe? It is hard for many to believe. Especially if they don’t believe in themselves.

 Believe in yourself. You CAN accomplish great things! I promise you it is true.


  1. There are two essential truths I bear in mind when addressing definitions of success.
    Firstly, I believe the greatest successes and achievements are those of the human spirit. Whether you are a true hero in the line of fire or fighting one, or another ordinary person like myself. Caring, loving-kindness, selflessness, loyalty, and devotion are the finest gifts one can bring to others, and to honor humankind and those gone before.
    Secondly, I encourage people to wipe clean the slate of standards and concepts that define success and achievement, and the valuation of such things. Today’s world places tremendous burdens on everyone, without thought of the wide variability of human attributes and abilities, and desire for that matter. People are framed by society to be “behind the 8-ball” if they’re not college-educated, affluent, talented, “successful”. The list is endless, from your dental hygiene to your college fund to your retirement planning to your funeral insurance. Do you want your life sold to you, a construct of this massive marketed mania? Or will you choose to determine what criteria on which you shall judge your own life?
    My level of success is measured by the love, comfort and security I can bring to this world. My own small circle, and as many other circles in the world as I can touch.

    Seek peace,


    • yes, I agree. I believe success if whatever you define it to be. It is certainly not the same for everybody. Why should we try to blend in when we were born to stand out? 🙂

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