Joy & Happiness (part 3)

I believe that Christians should be the happiest, most joyful people, do you agree?

We know God controls everything. Example, in the book of Job –God had to say yes or no, to give permission to Satan to do bad things to Job when Satan came to test Job. God allows some bad things to happen to us, but he won’t allow more than we can bear. I have come to believe that most of our difficulties are due to our own lack of faith or hard work.

Complaining ruins happiness and causes sadness in ourselves and others. God punished the Jews who complained in the desert as they wandered after leaving Egypt.
Psalm 105:37 says they were laden with silver & gold, not one was sick. (Good News, Living Bible, ASV). The NIV says no one got tired or fell down. Wow! Think about that. They didn’t even get tired. That must mean they were not sick, because sickness almost always makes one tired.  They could have health and abundance but due to their lack of faith they chose poverty and then complained to God like it was His fault. They could have gone straight into the Promised Land, but due to their lack of faith they chose to wander in the desert.

Your life is much better than you think it is! If you maintain a good attitude you will find this is true.

Can we be responsible for everything in our life? God is in control.  Can we be responsible for our happiness and success? YES! We can’t control everything going on around us. We can’t control the economy or the weather, but we can control how we react to it.

I remember talking to a Satan worshipper. He believes that Christianity is a religion of suffering. I believe it is a relationship that brings victory and joy. Of course we will still have problems, maybe even more problems after becoming a Christian. But God gives us the ability to handle our problems and be joyful (happy) in spite of them.

Gratitude is so important. If you want to be happy, be grateful. It will not only make your happier, it will bring success in every area of life.

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