She was blessed, are you?


Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho encountered something amazing at his church in South Korea some years ago. As he tells it, a woman came forward during offering time carrying her rice bowl and boldly put it on the altar. Dr. Cho knew that rice bowl could mean the difference between eating and starving for someone as poor as she was, so he tried to give it back to her.
“Who do you think you are to interfere with my offering?” she said. “This rice bowl is mine, and I’ll do with it whatever God tells me.”
As Dr. Cho stepped aside, properly chastened by her rebuke (“I needed it!” he said later), a wealthy man in the congregation jumped out of his seat and ran up to the woman. He’d been watching her, and through her giving she’d taught him something that changed his life. “The Lord just told me to pay you $35,000 for that rice bowl,” he said to her.
“OK,” she replied.

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