The God of Abundance

Many people think of Christianity as a set of rules that ruin their fun. Actually it is just the opposite. The rules are there to protect us from harm.

God is a God of abundance. Jesus said he came so that we can have life and have it more abundantly.* He never runs out of resources. God never stops blessing us. His love and well-being constantly flow down upon us. Romans 5:5 says that God pours out His love on us.

We can’t comprehend how lavish God’s provisions are. There is no danger of Him running out of his blessings. When you sit on the beach and look at the ocean it can help you understand how big God is.

When we spend time in God’s presence we begin to understand His overflowing vastness. When we praise Him we get a taste of the peace and joy that flow to us in his love. When we love him we understand a little bit of His love for us.

*John 10:10

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