Rags to riches

Andi Duli Rags to RichesAndi Duli came to the USA from Albania. He came with no English, no money and no connections, but was excited about the possibilities of a bright future here. He began learning English and delivered pizzas to make ends meet. Eventually he started college. After spending 3 years in college and not getting enough credits to advance beyond freshman status he knew he needed to find something better than delivering pizza.

He had $46 to his name but he still had the dream so he got started with a company that does health and nutrition. It is a company that teaches people everything they need to know to make money. No experience required. He kept working very hard and continued to build his business. Now he makes more in a month than most people make in a year.

He had to work very, very hard. He says if he can do it, anybody can. The man who had no money, no connections and no English made it big.

He says most people buy into the wrong plan. They are taught that they should work 40 hours a week and make $40,000 a year and after 40 years retire. He realized that there are opportunities out there that can bypass the system. You don’t have to be talented, but do have to be willing to work hard and not give up.

Interested in knowing how he did it? Email me and I’ll tell you how. brad@tlc33.com

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