The four outcasts who saved a city

num 6This is a short story from history with an application that can change your life:

Ancient history tells us of four outcasts who were sitting outside the wall of a city. The city had been surrounded by enemy soldiers and all the food supplies were blocked off. It was the custom to conquer a city this way so that they would not lose as many soldiers in battle.

People inside the city were starving to death, even eating their own children. The four outcasts sat outside the city because they had a contagious disease called leprosy. To prevent it from spreading to other people they were prevented from entering the walled city.

One night the four outcasts began discussing the situation. They said “If we stay here, we will starve to death. We might as well go to the enemy camp and ask them for food, maybe they will have mercy on us.”

So they went. But when they arrived in the camp, they found that the enemy had been scared away and had left in such a hurry that they didn’t bring their food, horses or gold.

You can imagine what a wonderful time that was for the outcasts. Suddenly they had more food than they could eat and wealth beyond their wildest dreams. They found the finest foods and began eating. But then they said to themselves “If we stay here and don’t share this with our people, we will surely be punished!” So they went back to the city to share the good news.

I’m sure the four outcasts were heroes after that. Undoubtedly they were the most loved people in the city for a long time. This story can be found in the ancient holy Jewish texts (2 Kings chapter 7).

Isn’t it interesting that God used the lowest of the low, the outcasts, the dregs of society to save all the people of the city? The Apostle Paul said that he rejoiced in his weakness because God gives great power to weak people.

Do you have an addiction or bad habit that makes you feel like an outcast? Jesus promised you can overcome it. Do you feel your finances are eating you alive? Matthew 17:20 says that if you have faith, nothing will be impossible for you. It takes a lot of time and determination, unwavering devotion to your goal to make it happen.

One way to strengthen your faith is to be grateful. If you are not grateful for what you have now, you probably won’t be happy after you get more. Thanking God for the good things he has given you, listing them one by one, makes you much stronger and increases your faith. Not only that, but psychologists tell us that grateful people can accomplish more because they are not dragged down by sadness.

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