Focus on your strengths

Brad Stanton —  December 24, 2014 — 13 Comments

0000000000000000000049484This is an example of why it is important to focus on your strengths, not weaknesses.

I recently heard a lecture by Bo Sanchez. He said that a man in the Philippines applied for a job cleaning floors. He got the job, but when the HR person found out he didn’t have an email address, he decided not to hire the man.

The man was very disappointed. He left discouraged, but he had to do something to make money. He had only 300 Pesos (less than $7 US) in his pocket and a young daughter to feed. So he went to the market and spent all his money on tomatoes. He then went door-to-door selling them. After an hour or so he had sold all of them for 600 Pesos. He went back to the market and spent all 600 Pesos on more tomatoes, which he sold. He doubled his money again. Then he went back to the market again and doubled his money again. He had time for one more trip to the market and then back to sell the tomatoes. At the end of the day he had made 2400 Pesos.

He sold fruit and vegetables every day until he had enough money to buy a cart. The cart could hold more food so that he made less trips to the market. Later he was able to buy a used truck to sell his wares. After some years he had a whole fleet of trucks. By this time he was rich.

One day he was talking to a man who asked him for his email address. He said he didn’t have one. The man said “What? You don’t have an email address? Just think what you would be today if you had an email address!”

The man said, “If I had an email address, I’d be a janitor.”

Instead of focusing on  his weakness of not having an email address, the man focused on his strengths. He had good people skills. He was hard working and persuasive.

Many times we focus on our weaknesses and think of the things we can’t do. We think of why we can’t do a certain thing. Maybe we tried in the past and failed. All our lives we are told about our mistakes. In school, we hand in our homework and see it come back with all our mistakes pointed out to us in red ink. At work most supervisors don’t compliment on work done well, they only comment when there is a problem. As parents we usually scold much more than we encourage.

We grow up being told what we did wrong and seldom told what we did right.

I sometimes think back over the mistakes in my life. All of them happened because of lack of confidence. I can’t think of any of the many mistakes I made that were not somehow related to lack of confidence. Probably you are the same.

Let’s encourage our loved ones and ourselves. Think about what you do well, not what you don’t do well.

Here is a good affirmation to help with this. Every day say “I am happy, healthy, wealthy, wise and good looking.”

Affirmations help.

Posts about affirmations. Click link and scroll down.


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13 responses to Focus on your strengths


    Wonderful illustration of looking what has in the hand and how to multiply it. What a positive attitude this man had! Wonderful inspiration for me today! Thank you!


    Reblogged this on Hangin' Out With God and commented:
    A powerful example of how successful our life can be when we refuse to be defeated and trust what God has given us to be enough. If we will be faithful with what we have to work with now (no matter how small it may seem), God will multiply and bless us for success.


    A great post and so important. I’m reblogging it so my readers can benefit from it as well.


    Ty for this, it couldn’t come at a better time.


    Great read! Do you know the difference between an amateur and a professional ? 15 minutes. Yes only 15 minutes spending on that email, a resume, editing, etc. No matter what it is that’s being done, it equals growth.


    Reblogged this on Toni Andrukaitis and commented:
    I love this.


    This is a great story of determination. Thanks.


    somebody has to win the race, score the touchdown, make the basket – why not you ?

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