Prosperity IQ

Passion first

Two groups of people were observed for many years. The two groups totaled 1500 people. Category A had 1245 people. They said they would pursue money first and do what they really wanted to do later.  Category B made up of 255 people said they would seek their interests and passions first and let money follow later. 20 years later there were 101 millionaires from the entire group. 100 of them came from group B. Do you focus on money or passion?

Prosperity IQ

1.       Do you secretly fear wealth make you unlikeable by friends and loved ones?

2.       When you grew up were you told rich people were bad?

3.       Did your upbringing say sacrifice now for reward in heaven?

4.       Do you feel guilty if earn more than your parents?

Were you or do you:

5.       Raised to fit in not stand out

6.       Grow up liking shows like Dallas where rich people were bad

7.       Chronic health challenges that doctors can’t seem to help

8.       Jealous with people with money, subconsciously hate/dislike rich people

9.       On some level do you think it is noble to be poor

10.   End negative relationship and replace with other person like the person in the last relationship

11.   Use idioms such as poor as a church mouse, filthy rich, obscenely wealthy

12.   Do you say “You have to have money to make money” or “You have to know someone to be successful?”

13.   Relish being the underdog all the time

14.   Could it be you are experiencing challenges to get sympathy?

15.   Are you in a stable relationship, enough money but feel life passing you by?

If you said yes to 1 or 2 questions you have a prosperity mindset and are not repelling money.

Yes to 3 or more questions show some problem

Yes to 5 or more you are in stagnancy cycle so that you don’t break thru to real success

Yes to 7 you are headed to or experiencing serious challenges

From The Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale


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