Can you achieve your goals and dreams in life?

This blog is all about success in relationships, career, finances and whatever you consider important. Years ago when I started reading books about how to be successful (written by people who achieved great success), I was surprised to find that the keys to success in relationships is very similar to the keys to success in career, building wealth and everything else.

More than three dozen times Jesus said that faith is the key to answered prayer.

(For references click here.) But strong faith is hard to develop. The disciples spent three years watching the hundreds of miracles that Jesus performed. That gave them faith. We are not that fortunate, we have to read about miracles and do other things to strengthen our faith. How do we do that? Below is a list of 25 ways to strengthen faith. If you don’t believe the things Jesus said, keep reading. The success experts agree these are important factors to success.

For powerful prayers do this…

The following is a test I hear in the book The Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale. He borrowed this from someone else. After reading many books about how to achieve success, I would say that he summed it up very well with this test, which I have simplified from the original. Read the questions and write yes or no to each one. The questions in parenthesis are for clarification and don’t need to be answered. I’ll tell you how to score it at the end of the test.

1. Do you know what you want in life, can you write it, have you written it down on paper or computer?

2. Are your dreams and goals the same as years prior? (Have you had the same goals and dreams for at least several years?)

3. Say out loud your goal, for example “I am earning $200,000 a year.” How do you feel–do you feel relaxed and happy?

4. Are you very, very motivated to succeed?

5. Would your friends and family say you are incredibly persistent?

6. Positive mental attitude. Do you believe God adores you and will always help you or that this a friendly universe that will always help you?

7. Are you a grateful person? (Do you feel grateful every day?)

8. What has prevented you from achieving your goals and dreams? Is it completely due you? (As opposed to other people or things?)

9. Do you consider yourself a “lucky” or fortunate person?

10. You are a creator, you have power to create. You are one with the great I AM of the universe. Do you believe these statements?

11. When unsure, are you most likely to ask God (or work things out for yourself) for direction and help?

12. Would you be comfortable if someone told you that you are very talented and would pay you half a million dollars a year to work for him?

13. Do you feel you are being realistic when you think about achieving your goals?

14. You can have, be or do anything you want. Do you believe this is true? Does it make you feel good?

15. Regardless of your current job, do you know your own talents?

16. When driving or doing repetitive task, do you concentrate on progressing toward your goals most of the time when your mind is free?

17. Since you know that thoughts manifest reality (in other words your thoughts affect your words and actions), do you think mostly positive thoughts?

18. Do you remember what you were thinking about yesterday morning? Were you thinking about achieving your goal?

19. Do you feel blessed and have you forgiven everybody? (Or do you still have hurt, resentment or anger for anything in the past?)

20. Do you consciously change your thinking to positive thoughts if your mind wanders toward negative thoughts?

21. Do you meditate daily?

22. Do you visualize yourself achieving your goals in detail every day?

23. Do you use affirmations every day?

24. Do you keep visual reminders of your goal somewhere prominent so you can see it often?

25. Have you ever practiced repetitively writing out your goal?

To score yourself click here.

This is a link to hindrances to prayer — click here.

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