I’m your generous genie

Brad Stanton —  July 6, 2014 — 4 Comments

Snapshot_20120128_5I give three wishes to everyone reading this, I’ll tell you how I’ll do it later in this post.

The three wishes that I give you are what everyone wants:




Have you ever met anyone who says they don’t want more love in their life? Everyone wants to be with those they love and go to places they love. Everyone wants to eat food they love and do the things they love to do.

Joy is another one. You have probably never heard anyone say “I’m just too happy. I don’t want any more joy in my life.”

It’s pretty much the same for peace. We all live in a hectic world. Things move so much faster now than they did one hundred years ago. Almost everyone has someone putting stress on them, whether it is a boss at work, a teacher at school, a spouse or parents or even your children.

So how would I give more love, joy and peace to all who read this? Actually it is not magic, but it works like magic. I would recommend that every reader spend some time every day being thankful for what they already have. In fact, the time you spend being thankful not only makes you happier, it also makes you stronger so that you are better able to get the things in life that you don’t presently have.

I write a blog about “success” in life. You probably wonder what I mean by success. Well, success is whatever you think it is. Everybody wants good relationships. So I write about things that build better relationships. Almost everyone wants to be financially secure, and I write about that. People want to be healthy, so I write about things that promote well-being.

I wrote a short ebook about getting your wishes in life. It is called “Make Money Doing Your Hobby.” Get it free here.

It just so happens that I posted a joke about a genie about a week ago. Read it here.


Brad Stanton


My blog has jokes and lots information designed to help you achieve your goals and dreams in life. http://www.BradStanton.com. click below to go to my blog.

4 responses to I’m your generous genie


    Hi Brad, I’m delighted you liked my “State of the Art” post and hope you continue to read my blog. Kind regards, Lynnie


    I love your posts. Feel free to share your blog posts on my new http://www.facebook.com/BlogtrainerUK page or use #blogquirky on Twitter

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