The universal mind

Carl Jung coined the term "Collective unconscious"
Carl Jung coined the term “Collective unconscious”

I took a couple of psychology classes in college, which I enjoyed very much. One thing they talked about that I didn’t believe at the time is the Universal Mind or Collective Unconscious. It says that we are all connected somehow, that our thoughts can be connected to each other. Read the comments below this post that people have written about their experiences with this.

After college, I dated a girl who had a strange experience years earlier when she was a child. Suddenly she felt that her father had been killed. Later that evening she was at home and she heard a car pull into her driveway. She looked out and saw it was a police car. She knew without a doubt that the officer would tell her that her father died. And he did.

I believed her when she told me that, because she seemed honest, and because I had heard other people say similar things. But how could she know that her father was killed in a car wreck on the other side of town? The only thing I can think of is that there is some kind of Universal Mind.

Jesus said we are connected to each other and to him, well, Christians are at least, in John chapter 17 and 18. See also Philippians 2:2  1 Corinthians 5:3 1 Corinthians 6:17 But whoever is united with the Lord is one with him in spirit.

When I was a child I had a close relative who was schizophrenic. She hallucinated about people saying things they did not say. Sometimes she would hallucinate that my sisters and I had insulted her, and she would rail against us in retribution for something we didn’t do. She was very hard to get along with and caused a lot of grief for anyone who was close to her. She was also bi-polar, extremely ADD, BPD, and had early onset Alzheimer’s. As the years went on I began to realize that sometimes when she hallucinated that my sisters and I insulted her when we had not, there was a shred of truth to her hallucinations. If my sisters and I talked about how difficult she was and that she caused us hardships, I might get a call from her later accusing us of insulting her to her face. We had done it behind her back, but she somehow sensed it, even if none of us had spoken with her after we gossiped about her.

Isaac Newton was the greatest scientist who ever lived. He discovered calculus, many ideas in physics, astronomy and other sciences. He claimed that God revealed some of these secrets of the universe to him. At first, his ideas were very well received, but as time went on his discoveries became so advanced that people thought he was crazy. Unfortunately volumes of his work were left unpublished because of the resistance he met. He understood Einstein’s theory of Relativity. He wrote in his Queries “Does not gravity act on light rays and bend it at a distance?” and “Are not mass and energy convertible one into the other?” These are two of the most outstanding ramifications of Einsteins Relativity. Newton discovered F=ma, where F=force, m=mass and a=acceleration. Mathematicians simplify equations to their very simplest forms. But Newton did not write F=ma. He left it in terms of calculus (not simplified) so that it would stand up even to Einsteins Relativity. Newton believed very strongly in some kind of mystical form of the Universal Mind, but he didn’t use that term.

Napoleon Hill studied 500 of the most successful people to find out how they became successful. He studied at least one president of the USA, presidents of large companies, people who had become self-made-millionaires, and other people who achieved all sorts of amazing success. He found that most of them firmly believed in the Universal Mind, in fact they found how to tap into it to learn what they needed to know to achieve success. Seem hard to believe? It is for most people. I certainly would not have believed it if I had not seen some of the strange, amazing things I have seen throughout my lifetime.

Have you, or someone you know ever had an experience like this? I’ve had a number of them. Please leave a comment if you have.

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  1. When I was young and went to sleep away camp for the first time, I was very homesick and I would cry in the shower in the morning so no one would know how miserable I was. I didn’t tell anyone that I did this. Later I found out that my uncle had a dream about me crying in the shower while I was away and he told my mom that something was wrong. I believe in the collective unconscious. I have had many other experiences that make me believe that we are all a part of a huge interconnected energy and all it takes is awareness to tap into it and use it as a guide.

  2. One night while I was in Miami a friend’s car was damaged by a valet driver in an apt building. It turned into a big mess where the valet denied it and the concierge refused to address the problem. When I tried to diffuse the situation the concierge began threatening me. That’s the exact moment I got a phone call from my mother who was 900 miles away. She said she was at a dinner party and suddenly felt I was in danger and had to call me to see if I’m okay. This type of connection happens often. 🙂

  3. About 10 years ago I was looking for a house to live in so I could look after my best friend Jack, who was dying. Even though he died while staying at his daughter’s, I continued to look. The house I now have had been listed with the realtor on the Friday before I was due to look at another house. Her prospective buyer for this house had not made his appointment on the Saturday, I saw the house on the Sunday, put in an offer on Monday and was accepted on the Tuesday. I later found that the prior owner had died within about 12 hours of Jack. The prior owner’s husband had died the day they closed escrow. I guess this house doesn’t want a man living here!
    Another business associate and I both had parents – her Mom, my Dad – who had Alzheimer’s. We often asked after each other’s parents. When we hadn’t seen each other for several months we stopped to catch up. Both parents had died, on different continents. When we corrected for the time zones, they had died within 20 minutes of each other.

  4. I’ve had many like you mention, the one that stands out the most…I was very upset one night, crying and calling out for my mother…”Mama, Mama”..It was 2am. The phone rang, and my mother asked, “What’s wrong honey?” I was in Mass. and she was calling from Alaska.

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