They achieved their dreams

fdasdfasdfFred Couples, pictured at left, and Jim Mans both studied at the University of Houston. Every Saturday for three years they would get together to play act out their dreams and goals in life. Fred Couples pretended he had won the Masters Golf Tournament and Jim Mans pretended he was a famous reporter, interviewing him.

Seven years later Fred Couples won the Masters Tournament. After finishing the course, he walked into Butler cabin and saw Jim Mans sitting there, waiting to interview him. By this time Mans was a famous reporter. Their eyes met, and they both began to weep. They were overwhelmed by the joy of achieving their dreams together.

Couples and Mann both understood the importance visualizing success. This technique was used by East Germany to achieve the distinction of having more gold medal Olympic athletes per capita than any other country. Each athlete would visualize himself going through his routine perfectly. Afterward, he would visualize himself standing on the gold medal platform.

It is best to visualize first thing in the morning after waking and last thing at night before sleeping because the brain is in the alpha state and more receptive to the power of visualization.

Jack Canfield made a fake $1 million dollar bill and attached it to his ceiling so that it was the first thing he saw every morning. When he awoke, he would look at the bill and visualize the lifestyle it would bring him and feel the emotions of achieving his goal. That was one thing that helped him maintain faith that he could achieve his goals. Later he ending up selling over 150 million books and achieved his goal of making lots of money.

What would you do if you had one million dollars? You could help lots of people, pay off your house, send your kids to college, feed the hungry and much more. Is it wrong to want to be financially secure? Leave a reply.


  1. Great question Brad! I have come to personally believe that if we go about earning our first million dollars creatively — i.e. not by means such as by beating others competitively, or going ‘on the take’ — that we become better people. As early 20th C. author Wallace Wattles put it, we rise to become a person worthy of being a millionaire, and thus we are improved by what is required of us to become in order to achieve the goal.
    I also think that it’s extremely important to thank God for His help all the way and every day, and for the granting of our good fortune, and generously sharing a great deal of our wealth along every step of the path with those less fortunate in our society.

  2. You know it’s been said that the same way you treat money when you have little will be just an exaggeration of that treatment when you have much. So I guess one could get a good idea on how to answer your question by being honest with how they treat money now. If you pay your tithes, give to share with others in ways now, so if you had one million dollars you will most likely do the same only you’ll be able to give a whole lot more.


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