Seeds of greatness

cocoa tree
cocoa tree

Many years ago a young man in Ghana West Africa saw poverty in his village so he wanted very badly to bring about change and help his people. So at 16 years of age he decided to leave home determined to find some way to help his people. Seven years later he returned. His people saw him a long time before he reached the village as he walked down the road. They were very excited because they knew that since he had been gone a long time he must have something wonderful to share with them that would help them overcome their poverty and difficulties.

They ran out to meet him and shouted, “What did you bring?”

He silently put his hand in his pocket and pulled out three small seeds. Everyone was surprised, because they expected so much more.

“What are they?” they asked.

“They are cocoa seeds” he replied.

He planted the seeds and soon the three trees had multiplied to many. He had learned how to cultivate and take care of cocoa plants.

Now in Ghana cocoa is a major source of income for many people. Because one man planted seeds and knew how to take care of them, he changed his country forever and helped many people.

It sometimes takes a well-trained person to see seeds of greatness in other people. Maybe someone you know is not a good student and suffers because he just can’t make good grades. But maybe he can become a great writer, athlete, musician, model, actor or politician. Stephen J. Cannell failed the first grade, he also failed the fourth and tenth grades but he wrote many TV scripts for famous TV shows and eventually had over 2000 people working for him.

Charles Dickens failed many times to get his books published, but he kept trying and later changed the world by showing tens of thousands of people how difficult the lives orphans can be.

It usually takes a long time to achieve great things in life. Just like the cocoa plants took a long time to multiply to thousands of trees it may take a long time for the seeds of greatness to grow in you.

Don’t give up. Keep cultivating the seeds within you. If you don’t quit, someday you will accomplish the goals and dreams that God has placed in your heart. Remember Philippians 4:13 “I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength.”  Say that out loud five times a day and it will do wonders for you.


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