You can make amazing things happen

w clement stoneNot many people can bench press 500 lbs. Today there is a man that can bench press slightly over 1000 pounds. One hundred years ago the best bench press in the world was about 360 lbs. If you told a person in the year 1900 that somebody would be able to bench press a thousand pounds a hundred years later they probably would not believe you. It’s the same way with prayer. Not many people believe that God really does answer prayer in miraculous ways, but on the other hand, over 90% of Americans believe in the power of prayer. Some people have seen miraculous answers to prayer. I’ve heard of many miraculous answers to prayer. A friend of mine told me that not once but twice his back was immediately healed through prayer.

A missionary lady that I worked with told me that one time she was sitting in church and the pastor suddenly felt God was telling him to pray for people. He asked anyone who needed prayer to come forward. She went forward and he prayed for her and her health problem was healed.

For a long time most people did not believe that anyone could run the mile in less than four minutes. But somebody believed that he could do it. His belief was so strong that he was willing to run almost every day to prepare to break the four minute mile. He did not just get up one day after not running for years and say “Hey I think I’ll try to break the four minute mile.” It was faith, belief that he could do it that gave him the strength to run every day. He probably saw small results week by week but he knew that after enough weeks the small results would add up to something big. He believed he could do it and so he took action and finally he was able to do it. Now many people can run a mile in less than four minutes. They know they have to run often and work hard in order to do it, but because they have seen examples of other people run a mile in less than four minutes, they know it’s possible and they do it.

Many things are like this. For many years no one thought it was possible to climb to the top of Mount Everest. Then someone did it and now many people do it every year because they have faith that it can be done. They have faith they can do it because they have seen other people do it. Without that faith, they wouldn’t even try it.

Dr. Karl Menninger said, “Attitudes are more important than facts.” That is worth repeating until its truth grips you.

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