Miracle after miracle happened to me

The little guy is Jericho who was left at the orphanage about a month ago.
The little guy is Jericho who was left at the orphanage about a month ago.

Miracle after miracle happened to me on my trip to the Philippines for the Street Kids Project.

I believe without a shadow of a doubt that God has amazing plans for your life, fantastic plans. He wants to empower you to do great things that will glorify Him and thrill you. Don’t get stuck in a rut in life! Realize that God is lining up all the people and things you need to be successful in your relationships, serving Him, and other parts of your life.

The first answer to prayer came while I was sitting in the car with my girlfriend, stuck in traffic. We had gone to the beach and were returning to her family’s house. The trip should have taken 2 or 3 hours, but was taking much longer. We were in a traffic jam and were stopped more than moving. When we did move, we only went about ten or twenty miles an hour.

I began praying silently that God would break up the traffic jam so that we could start moving again. Nothing happened. I prayed a few more times over the next half hour, still nothing happened. I sat there thinking to myself that in the Old and New Testament, everyone who got answers to prayer spoke the prayer out loud. Jesus taught all his followers to say the prayer in a commanding way, such as the apostles prayed in Acts 3:6 “In the name of Jesus, get up and walk!” Acts 14:10, Paul told a lame man “Stand up on your feet!” At that, the man jumped up and began to walk.

So I sat there in the traffic jam and stretched out my hand and said out loud, “In Jesus’ name, this traffic jam is relieved.” Within a couple of minutes the clogged street opened up and we began moving quickly again. I realize that some would say this is a coincidence. But after about an hour, we got in another traffic jam. I spoke out the same prayer and within a couple of minutes we were moving again.

A few days later, in a traffic jam, I said the same prayer. Within a couple of minutes the traffic jam cleared and we began moving.

One day, in the Philippines, I realized I was short of money. I couldn’t get cash from the ATM like I thought I could, so I prayed for a little more money, enough to make it without borrowing. I had counted the American dollars in my billfold twice and found two twenty dollar bills and a ten. Later, after praying, we found an extra twenty dollar bill, just what I needed to squeak by.

The next morning I began thinking about it and decided that I had probably miscounted the money. I got out of bed and began reading a book written by a preacher there who started an orphanage. I randomly opened to a chapter in the middle of the book and began reading. In the first page I read, the preacher had been asked for money, gave away all he thought he had in his bank account, and then found there was more left. The same day, he gave away almost all the money in his wallet, and then found more money. I felt God was telling me that I had not miscounted the money after all.

At the family’s house where I stayed,  the bathroom door got locked with no one inside to open it. I felt bad because I was concerned the family would be inconvenienced by this. So I spoke out a prayer, “In Jesus name we will get this door unlocked.” Within a minute or two someone found the key and the problem was solved.

Before I went to the Philippines, I had decided I wanted to help street kids there. After I arrived, my friend gave me a book written by the preacher I mentioned above. He started an orphanage and used his magazine to raise the money he needed to build the orphanage. In the book he wrote about how he started it. It was just exactly what I needed to know, and was glad that this blog you are reading now can be used in the same way his magazine was used. I felt that God was giving me just the right information I needed to help the street children.

Not only did I learn the things I needed to know about starting an orphanage, I also was introduced to the kind of people I would need to work with in the future.  Some of them were lawyers with connections in the right places in local government and other areas that would make the work much easier.

Also, I have been praying to lose weight. On the trip I lost almost 15 pounds in two weeks! What a joy that was.

After a few days in the Philippines, I got diarrhea. I spoke out a prayer and the next day I was fine. However, a couple of days later it was back. I prayed again. This time it didn’t go away completely. I wondered why God didn’t answer my prayer fully. Now I realize that the diarrhea was helping me to lose weight. It was very mild and didn’t cause any problems anyway, so I guess God decided it was best for me at the time.

You can have powerful prayers. I have been spending about an hour a day for the past 3 years learning about faith, which Jesus said is the key to answered prayer. I am amazed how so many more of my prayers are answered now than in the past. I do faith exercises, like recite Bible verses about faith such as Matthew 9:22, 9:29, 17:20, 7:8, 21:22; Mark 9:23, 11:24, Luke 8:50, 18:1 and John 14:14, 15:7, 16:23. I work on gratitude, because being grateful strengthens faith. I imagine answers to prayers because that is a technique that not only strengthens faith, but it also programs the subconscious mind which is much more powerful than the conscience mind. By the way, visualizing is used for athletes and many other high achievers. I often say affirmations.

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With Grace on the trip. I'm down to only 250 pounds, still need to lose more.
With Grace on the trip.

At the orphanage in Manila.
At the orphanage in Manila.

This little guy was left at the orpahnage about a month ago. His name is Jericho.
This little guy was left at the orpahnage about a month ago. His name is Jericho.