Love is the only thing that matters….

It’s all about love. There is nothing else in the universe that matters. There is either love or lack of love.

Love for Arts

God created Adam and Eve. They were perfectly happy until they ate the forbidden fruit. Then they didn’t see each other with perfect love and they realized they had faults. Almost certainly they noticed faults in the other before themselves. Because they noticed faults, they felt naked, and made clothes from the skins of animals to cover their own faults.

When they had perfect love, everything was great. They were like babies or children who are totally satisfied with the love they feel in their family from their mother and father, sisters and brothers.

After they began to lack love, they began to notice things that weren’t right about the other person and themselves. That is what brought pain and suffering into their lives. Before there was only happiness, now there was thoughts of lack and problems.

Psalm 23 says that if God is your shepherd, you won’t lack anything good. Sounds hard to believe, but it is so true. If we could open our spiritual eyes and look with perfect love, we would see what is important and what is not. We would see that love is the only thing that matters, and since God loves us, he will give us all we need.

The problem is, the part of us that lacks love sees illusions that look real and desirable and we begin to want them so much that we feel unhappy if we don’t have them. We see something someone else has that we want. If we could just have perfect love, like a little child, we would be satisfied.

Think about things you like or love. Don’t think about things you don’t like. Worry, fear, depression, guilt, anger — we don’t like these, so don’t think thoughts that bring them about. Think only happy thoughts. The happy thoughts and feelings are love, and bring you closer to God and to success. God is love. When you are thinking about people, places and things you like/love it makes you stronger and more loveable to other people.

Think about music you love, streets you love, books, food, people, memories that you love. Learn to love your job, your family members, your friends and enemies. Anyone can love the loveable. It takes strength to love the people who are selfish. But if you can do that, you have achieved something important.


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