The parrot and the thief joke

Brad Stanton —  November 2, 2013 — 5 Comments

200 (9)A thief broke into a beautiful ivy covered house in the countryside and was looking around for things to steal when he heard a voice say “Jesus is watching you!”

The surprised thief froze in his tracks and looked around, shining the flashlight until he saw a parrot looking at him from inside a cage.

“Did you say that to me?” he asked the parrot.

“Yes, I said Jesus is watching you.” the parrot repeated.

“What is your name?” asked the thief.

“My name is Moses” said the parrot. “I’m warning you, Jesus is watching you.”

“I don’t believe in Jesus. And besides that, you have a stupid name, what kind of idiot would name their parrot Moses?”

The parrot replied, “The same kind of person who would name their 150 pound, bloodthirsty guard dog Jesus.”

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Brad Stanton


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5 responses to The parrot and the thief joke


    The parrot and the dog!
    You ever heard the one about Hugh Hefner’s parrot?
    Too dirty for this show! 😉


    I heard that recently on t.v. it was told differently but it’s still a great joke. I love clean comedy/jokes. Thanks Brad


    Hahahaha!!!! Great stuff, as always Brad!

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