It seemed like a miracle

So here is another short piece that I hope will motivate you to achieve great things in life. I’ll tell you the moral of the story at the end.

English: Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle ...
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I played defensive tackle in high school football and wondered what it would be like to line up against a pro football player.  One of our coaches had played several years of pro football and one day he decided to show me a few things.

There I was, in full football gear, helmet, shoulder pads, and all the rest. He didn’t have any of that stuff, so I felt a little uncomfortable squaring off against him. I said “Coach, you’re not wearing a helmet or pads….”

He said “I won’t need them.” I thought that seemed a little presumptuous of him. But I certainly respected his football ability.

Quickness off the line is everything in football. Speed is important, but for linemen who sometimes don’t run more than a few yards on each play, quickness is essential. Strength is important too, of course. I wasn’t the best player on the team by any means, but I was very quick. At least, I thought I was.

But what happened next seemed surreal. It just didn’t seem possible. When the ball was snapped, the coach disappeared into thin air! Well, not literally, but it seemed like it. I had never seen anything like it in all my life. He was so quick that it seemed like he disappeared and after I turned around, he reappeared behind me.

Do you ever hear of someone getting a promotion at work and people say something like “Who did he pay off for that promotion?” They seem to think it is not possible that the person worked much harder than other people to get ahead.

The moral of the story: Just like what that coach did seemed impossible, sometimes it seems unbelievable that people work twice as hard as others to get a promotion. The speed of my coach was unbelievable, but I’m sure he worked hour after hour, month after month, year after year to achieve that.

Keep working hard and enjoying your work. People who enjoy their work can get more work done much more easily than those who don’t like their work. If you really give it your best day after day, month after month, year after year, good things will happen.

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