Street children part 3

Vietnam Saigon Child in the Street
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Remember when you were young and idealistic? You probably believed that you could change the world. Perhaps you spoke passionately about causes you believe in and you were optimistic about your chances of success. The world just needed a little coaxing. But as the years went by, you realized that the world is a much bigger place that you imagined—full of people who hold opposing views. Thus, you may have settled into a routine lifestyle and concerned yourself only with the challenges of everyday life.

If that sounds like you, it’s time to yank yourself up and shake yourself around. It’s time to reclaim your passion, refocus yourself mentally, and go back to the business of world changing. Sure it’s daunting, seems impossible. But you’ve got more going for you than you had back in your younger days. You’re wiser, more experienced, less likely to be overwhelmed by unexpected challenges.

Start simply by doing something, anything—big or small—that has the potential to make a difference in even one life. By now, you probably realize that changing one life changes the world as a whole. So choose something you care about , and make it a place to begin.

No matter what you settle on, a group probably already exists from politics, to taking care of the environment, to literacy, there are plenty of choices. Find a group who advocates a position you believe in and enter in. 

Jesus once said that the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed-the smallest of all seeds. It eventually produces a plant that is larger than all the other plants in the garden. So don’t worry about the size of your contribution—just do what you can and expect God to make it count. By the time you reach retirement, you’ll be in the habit of changing the world.”

From the book 101 Things You Should do Before You Retire page 61 Stage a Revolution

Remember the story of the father and son walking along the beach? They saw thousands of star fish stranded on the beach, waiting to die. The father walked up to a star fish and picked it up. He looked at it and then threw it back into the ocean.

“Dad, there are thousands of them, there is no way we can save them all. There is nothing we can do to make a difference!”

The father replied, “It made a difference to that one.”

Manila Street Children
Manila Street Children (Photo credit: ibarra_svd)

When I read about the millions of street children around the world I feel that there are too many of them, I just can’t make a difference. But we can make a difference to some of them.

I’m leaving December 16 to fly to Manila to help street children. Want to help?

I will meet the principal of a high school who is in the position to know a lot about helping children.

It seems all the great masters taught us that it is actually more joyful to give than to receive.


  1. I totally agree with your thoughts.
    One has to devote oneself to some cause for the betterment of some one else who is not so fortunate to have what you have been graced with; and it is not always money.
    Thank you for stopping by and liking what I write.
    God bless you

  2. Good of you to pursue such wonderful cause. Not too many people willing to give their time to help the needy. Currently I donate some money to headed by the ever wonderful Nick Vujicic, who has been such great influence on my life. I know it isn’t much but someday soon when the opportunity comes toile greater impact I will take it. May God bless you on your endeavors. 🙂

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