The waist is a terrible thing to mind…

Exercising (Photo credit: NOAA’s National Ocean Service)

Extensive research shows that inactive lifestyles contribute to heart disease; high blood pressure; type 2 diabetes; colon cancer; stroke; osteoporosis; depression and anxiety; breast cancer; and falls among the elderly.  Physical inactivity is unhealthy and can be expensive.  Increasing your activity level is one of the best ways to improve your health and save you money.

If only I had exercise equipment at home.  If only I didn’t have so much work to do.  If only I had more time to groove (exercise). Some people are now calling exercise “grooving.”

We all have reasons for not being physically active.  But getting regular physical activity doesn’t need to be intimidating.  You can begin to see physical activity in a very different light: 10 minute segments, three times per day.

Instead of thinking of physical activity as something that requires special effort, notice the many opportunities to become more physically active all around you.  Washing windows, doing lawn work or taking the stairs instead of the elevator all qualify as physical activity.  So does playing catch with the kids, sweeping the sidewalks, dancing to a favorite song, or walking from the “worst” spot in the parking lot.

When it comes to physical activity, the small things in life do matter.  Instead of a 30-minute ride on a stationary bike at the gym, we can also meet our goal by carrying in the groceries, walking the dog, throwing a Frisbee, trying to double dutch jump rope, or even playing a little hop scotch.  Just remember there is no right or wrong way to Groove…just Groove 10 minutes 3 times a day.

Grooving can and should be fun- something we can do together as a Spirit team, family, and a community.

Why bother with such a challenge?  The CDC (Center for Disease Control) states that you can get the same cardiovascular benefit by “Groovin” 10 minutes 3 times a day that you would if you decided to “Groove” 30 minutes all at once. So remember there is not right or wrong way to “Groove”, just do what works best for your schedule… 10 minutes 3 times a day or 30 minutes all at once… just get Groovin’! 

If you’re ready to start Groovin’, but you’re not the treadmill type or you just can’t find the time, take a look around you.  Maybe the “bad parking spot” is actually a good parking spot after all!


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