Do twice as much work in the same time

English: Jing Ulrich and Warren Buffett.
English: Jing Ulrich and Warren Buffett. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a great idea for career success, and for getting anything done in less time, whether it is housework, yard work, manual labor or office work. The key is to have a good attitude about the work and get excited about it—to enjoy it, and you will find you work much faster. Not only that, usually you will do better quality work too.

I studied Chinese for several years in China. Week after week I memorized lists of Chinese words and their English definitions. It got really boring. Then I begin dating a Chinese girl who spoke very little English. Suddenly the lists of words became more interesting because I found words that I had wanted to use to express ideas to her, but couldn’t. I found that if I got excited about learning new words, I actually memorized up to four or five times faster!

It seemed hard to believe at first, that I could memorize that much faster. But then I began to think back about my time spent memorizing the lists. I might sit down and relax for awhile before starting the list. Then I was easily distracted. And to make matters worse, it was hard to keep my mind on the list because it seemed so boring. After I got excited about it, the words had special meaning, and were much easier to remember.

Dale Carnegie is famous for his public speaking classes. But he also wrote a book in which he talked about methods that various people used to enjoy their jobs more and work faster. Warren Buffet took Dale Carnegie classes not long after college, and it apparently didn’t hurt him any.

I write more about this in my book Ten Keys to Success. There is not enough time to write it all here, if you want to read more about it, buy my book. J

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