Being rich and famous isn’t enough…

Cory Monteith
Cory Monteith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many will miss charming and loveable Glee star Cory Monteith. Just goes to show you that being rich and famous doesn’t make some people satisfied.

Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin all died of drug related causes when they were 27 years old.

Original Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman said of Brian Jones, “He formed the band [Rolling Stones]. He chose the members. He named the band. He chose the music we played. He got us gigs. … Very influential, very important, and then slowly lost it — highly intelligent — and just kind of wasted it and blew it all away.”

Brian Jones was kicked out of the band he created due to serious drug problems that hampered his ability to write music, get along with band members and even perform music. Within about one month, he was found dead, drowned in his swimming pool. Some think it was suicide, or maybe it was just a careless accident while he was stoned out of his mind, trying desperately to be satisfied. His heart and liver were enlarged from drugs and alcohol, and one of his latest pictures showed him terribly bloated.

If fame and fortune had been enough to satisfy Brian Jones, maybe the world would have heard more good music from him.

Jimi Hendrix died from choking on his vomit as he was stoned on pot and very drunk. Being rich and famous was just not enough to satisfy him. He had to have more so he abused drugs heavily.

Jim Morrison was loved as the lead singer of The Doors, a rock group. But being rich, famous and loved by millions and often chased by dozens of screaming girls was not enough to make him happy. He wanted more. His excessive drug use caused him to spiral into insanity and alienated him from his band.

Janis Joplin also died at 27 of drug related problems. Being rich and famous wasn’t enough to make her happy without drugs.

Mic Jagger sang a song about the lack of satisfaction in his life. “I can’t get no satisfaction.” I still remember seeing him being interviewed about that song. He said he wrote it because that is the way he felt, he just wasn’t satisfied. Being rich and famous, having all the girls he wanted, all the sex and drugs he wanted just wasn’t enough.

On the other hand, many people with very little money, no fame, few friends and no glamour find happiness and contentment. It just goes to show, money can’t buy happiness.

If you are not happy with your life, try counting your blessings. I promise you that your blessings outnumber your problems in a big way. When you get up in the morning, say thank you and be thankful for the things and people you have in your life. It really is difficult to be unhappy if you constantly think about the good things you have and count your blessings.

This blog is all about faith, hope, love and joy. Everyone can have these, they are free, but it takes motivation to keep them. It takes effort and sometimes work. But it is worth it!

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