You can be successful. Visualize it!

Wood Middle School
Wood Middle School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been shown over and over again that if a person has a strong desire to achieve a reasonable goal and is persistent in working hard for it, it will happen.

There are at least ten steps that will enable you to succeed.

Key #1 Decide what you want in life
Key #2 Think about what you do well
Key #3 Clarify your values
Key #4 Set goals
Key #5 Believe you can reach your goals
Key #6 Find other people to work with
Key #7 Be disciplined and persistent
Key #8 Enjoy your work and work hard
Key #9 Never, never, never give up
Key #10 Pray

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Many people don’t ever try to get out of debt because they don’t believe they can. they don’t believe they can get a 30% raise at work. They don’t believe their relationships will ever get better.

One of the most powerful things you can do to achieve your goals is to visualize success as if you already have it. Olympic Athletes do this. it is a very important part of their training.

A gymnast imagines himself going through every detail of his routine flawlessly. He images himself being called to the platform to receive the gold medal and standing in front of the cheering crowd. It has been shown that visualizing oneself performing a sport actually fires the same things in the brain as actually doing it.

Visualization is important because it makes a person believe they can accomplish a goal and because of that they get excited enough to work hard for the goal. When a person doesn’t really believe they can achieve a goal, they don’t have the energy to work for it.

Jack Canfield talks about a middle school that had poor students. After the students finished middle school, 83% of them dropped out of high school. A rich man decided he would change this. He understood how important it is to believe you can accomplish a goal and visualize it. He told the students he would pay for their college education if they had good attendance and grades in high school.

He had people take the students to college and show them around, they went to class with a mentor, went to the student union and ate at the school cafeteria.

After coming back to their own school, their first hour teacher would ask them to visualize themselves attending college and making good grades. The effect was amazing. Instead of 83% dropping out, over 90% graduated!

What goes on in your mind is critically important to your relationships and goals and dreams in life.  All the success coaches that I have read say the same thing. Visualize it and it will happen if you are persistent and work hard.

It all starts in the mind.


  1. Awesome post with a concrete example of how and why it works. Most of the time, people don’t understand a concept unless you give them that solid example. Very nice! Wish students were more inspired to achieve instead of drop out. Nice post. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :O)

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