The “We” nurse joke

0000000000000000000000Have you ever gone to the hospital and had a “we” nurse? You know what I mean, she comes in and asks “How are we doing today? Have we eaten our breakfast yet?”

So a man was in the hospital and one afternoon a nurse came in with a specimen cup in her hand and asked him for a urine sample.

He raised his eyebrows in mock surprise and said “Do you mean from here?”

She ignored his humor and left the cup beside his bed. After she left, he decided to have some fun with her and filled the specimen cup with his leftover apple juice.

The nurse came back later, frowned at the cup and said “My, we are a bit cloudy today aren’t we?”

He grabbed the cup and drank it down completely. “I’ll run it through again and see if it comes out more clear next time.”

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