Lose weight, break any addiction

Alcoholic anonymous @lisspong
Alcoholic anonymous @lisspong (Photo credit: vernieman)

Maybe you have an addiction to food, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, laziness, sexual problems or anything else. Here are five steps to get out of the pit. The five steps are from Believe That You Can by Jentezen Franklin, but I have written it in my own words.

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.”~ Og Mandino


It all starts as a thought in your mind. You see the need to quit doing something or to start doing something else. You realize your life could be better than it is now.


Not only do we see something we want, we have to take hold of the idea that we really can get it. Many people would love to lose weight or get out of debt, but they don’t believe it will ever happen, so they don’t even try to find a way to become more financially secure. Some would love to be a high level manager in their company, but they just don’t think it will ever happen, so they plug away at their boring job week after week, not doing the level of work they are capable of.


You have to pay the price for your dream. Decide to take a risk, try your best to do something you didn’t think you could do in the past. Maybe your old life is too boring. Step out on your idea. You can believe that with God all things are possible. Phil 4:13


After you buy into dream you really get committed. You focus on it no matter what others say. You get in the habit of seeking it with all your heart.

Ask yourself: “How bad do I want it?” That is a key. If you really want it, you will be willing to do what it takes to make it happen.


Now you are there, you got the prize, or are starting to get the prize. Now you don’t have to suffer regret for not trying to accomplish your goals and dreams. Maybe you have gone a week without overeating. Even if you pig out one day, don’t worry about it. Don’t let it get you down, because that will make it all the more difficult. Tell yourself that you are a winner and will not fail next time. The more you say it to yourself, the more it will become true.


No success without a successor. Are you blogging or journaling about what you learned? When you teach something, it helps you really get it firmly in mind, to get it deep into your subconscious. This is a very important part of any goal, to teach others how to do it. Alcoholics Anonymous stresses that to overcome an addition it is very important to mentor others to overcome theirs. When you teach it, you learn it much better and are much more likely to continue your success over the addition.

To overcome really tough addictions it is best to join a group like Alcoholics Anonymous or Celebrate Recovery.

The number one key to losing weight or breaking an addiction is motivation. You have to get motivated and want something badly enough to make changes. Motivation is what this blog is all about. https://bradstanton.com/10-keys-to-success/

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  1. Losing is definitely not easy…but it is SOOOOOOO rewarding and fills you with such a sense of accomplishment when your hard work and persistance pays off. 😉

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