Miracles part 2


A man told me that while his daughter was on a mission trip in Africa he woke up in the middle of the night feeling like he should pray for her. He prayed for her for almost two hours. Later he found out that she had been in a car wreck (it was daytime there in Africa at the time) and the jeep she had been a passenger in was totaled. No one in the jeep was seriously hurt, they only had minor scrapes and bruises, but people who saw the wrecked jeep were amazed that people weren’t killed. Apparently he was awoken at the right time to pray for her.

Years ago I lived in southern China and made a trip to Hong Kong to go to a seminar to learn about the Holy Spirit. I assumed it would give me some knowledge that I was curious about. The missionary leading the seminar was Jackie Pullinger, the writer who started an outreach to drug addicts and prostitutes in the walled city in Hong Kong. I sat in a crowd of people listening to her when she began saying that she saw angels and that there would be healings at the meeting. I thought she must be crazy, but later I realized that my injured elbow didn’t hurt anymore.

Once in the 1980’s my car began having problems. It would lose power for a short time and then if I pumped the gas pedal, it would begin to run again. The problem got worse and worse every day until one evening when I was driving a friend and her son to church it stopped and wouldn’t start again. We were close to church so we walked. At the end of the church service she went forward and asked people to pray for my car. I was embarrassed because I had never heard of anyone praying for a car before. The people prayed and I left to walk to my car. I thought there was a small chance that it would start, so I got in and turned the key. It started and didn’t have any problems at all after that.

While I was in China I saw and heard about many miracles. People were healed, saved from auto wrecks and many other things. Another time I went to Hong Kong to Pullingers church and a man from the USA was there preaching. He had been high up in the Italian mafia in the States until someone invited him to church. He became a Christian and turned himself in, but told the police about some other mafia men. Because of that the mafia decided to kill him. While he was in prison for his crimes, someone brought in a bomb with a detonating device on it. He put it in the man’s jail cell, left and pushed the detonate button. Nothing happened. He took it out to a field, pushed the button and it exploded. He tried the same thing with a second bomb in an attempt to kill the reformed mafia man. The same thing happened again, no explosion in the cell, but it exploded out in the field. Apparently God had plans for the reformed man and now he travels the world telling his testimony about what God did for him.



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  2. Thanks for this post! I think God is capable of so many more miracles if we just step back to allow Him to do His work. Our faith is so small, but stories like this encourage me. Thanks again!

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