Achieve your goals and dreams

cole_thomas_the_voyage_of_life_childhood_1842The subconscious mind is many times more powerful than the conscious mind. To achieve big success in life, it is very important to use your subconscious mind.

Napoleon Hill devoted his life to learning what it was that made people successful. He said this:

“Every person who has accumulated great success has recognized the existence of a stream of life. It consists of one’s thinking process. The positive emotions of thought form the side of the stream which carries one to success. The negative emotions form the side which carries one down to failure.

This carries a thought of stupendous importance to the person who is reading this with the object of acquiring success.”

When you feel happy, motivated, enthusiastic or excited you know you are on the right track.


Success often seems elusive. The first step to be wildly successful is faith. You have to firmly believe you can achieve your goals and dreams, because if you don’t, you won’t be willing to do what it takes to achieve them. The more you visualize yourself already achieving your goals, the stronger your faith and willpower will become. Visualization has been used by Olympic athletes and others to achieve success. It makes a world of difference.


Secondly, desire is critical. Without strong desire a person will not be willing to work hard and enjoy his work. It is important to enjoy the work, because if you don’t, the labor will be too wearisome and you will tire out and give up.


There will be times when you want to give up. Sometimes after you have worked very hard you might feel that your goal is just too hard to get, that you can’t succeed. That is when persistence carries you on.


Few people have the faith to bring a dream into existence without taking action. Daydreaming helps achieve a goal, but if all you do is daydream, chances are it won’t come to be.

Daily Motivation

It is very important to get motivated every day. Without motivation, it is easy to run out of fuel. Say affirmations (, visualize your dreams, make plans, ask for help, get advice and work hard. Your dreams really will come to pass.

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  1. I’ve found that this advice is particularly true in travel. The trip can go as good or bad as I want it, based on my attitude towards the whole thing. Nice post!

  2. Every time I teach my writing class (which is basically VERY basic grammar), I ask my student to write a paragraph on their big dream. The sad part is, few of them have one.

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