A recipe for disaster

544248_407678335995789_1569938268_nOne of my coworkers always had a very negative, angry attitude. When he trained new people he was harsh with them and got angry if they asked the same question twice. He was an expert at the software we used.

He often spoke angrily of his son who didn’t achieve all he wanted his son to achieve. It made him so angry that when he spoke it was unpleasant to listen to.

Later, we changed the software that we use in our office. Now Bob (not his real name) has a hard time learning the new software. His negative attitude makes it difficult for him to learn new things because he doesn’t have the confidence to keep trying even when it seems he will never learn the new software.

Bob ended up having a nervous breakdown. He had such a negative attitude that he would refuse to do the work assigned to him. Months went by, he didn’t seem to want to change. A couple of weeks ago he was fired after almost 25 years with the company.

If only he had not been so angry, he wouldn’t have let anger eat him up and take away his energy. If only he had been more optimistic and believed that he really could learn the new software he would still be at the company. I know he could learn it, if he learned the old software it should have been very possible to learn the new.

Anger and pessimism are killers. You can turn your life from sad to happy by always thinking happy thoughts, thinking about what you like, not what you don’t like. Think about what you like to get rid of worry, pessimism, anger, fear. More about how to have a happier life in my book:

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The Ten Keys:

Key #1 Decide what u want in life
Key #2 Think about what you do well
Key #3 Clarify your values
Key #4 Set goals
Key #5 Believe you can reach your goals
Key #6 Find other people to work with
Key #7 Be disciplined and persistent
Key #8 Enjoy your work and work hard
Key #9 Never, never, never give up
Key #10 Pray

Some things this book will help you do:

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Learn to enjoy your work, relationships, career.

Learn to work smarter, not harder.

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  1. I have a relative who could be Bob! She is bitter at the world. She is the victim in this life. I have to learn to change my behaviors in order for me not to be like the Bob in my life. If we focus our attention on worng attitudes, reactions, and actions. We will receive what we asked for. If we spend our time meditating, focusing on how we can better ourlives and the lives of others (be it our own family or others) we can manifest the riches and abundance this world has to offer us.

  2. Sometimes you see people on a day-to-day basis, e.g. a person at a checkout counter. It could be anybody. You can feel them aching inside, but they’re not aware. When you see that and sometimes they treat you crummy, not only from the sadness in their face, but in the anger and other ways they behave negatively. it’s the best time to treat them nicely. It’s a delicate balance- some deserve reprimand, and others need someone, anyone to give them a kind word or gesture. It’s surprising to see them responding with gratitude in their own way. (Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what they might have been through to make them bitter.)

    (Sorry this was too wordy.)

  3. Good advice all round. Also when we are angry and blame other people it is usually because we are angry with ourselves. We can’t change others, but we can try to change ourselves.

  4. The best way to start my day. Very helpful. I will try my best to remain calm (when I actually feel angry) and be an optimistic.

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