10 ways to get more blog views

1. Write interesting posts. 10962_569881986357496_9143060_n

What do your readers want to read? You can use the number of “likes” as an indication of which posts are most popular. Content is king, good quality, interesting posts are a must to keep people coming back. A good way to write a great post is to find a post you enjoy and rewrite it to your experience. Make the good post even better.
Ten Keys to Success has ideas for success in anything you try, whether it is writing posts, losing weight, making money, better relationships.  https://bradstanton.com/10-keys-to-success/

2. Write post titles that catch people’s attention and make them want to read the post.

There are many good books out there written to teach you how to do it. “Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich” is just one of them. You can go to amazon and read some pages of the book for free.

3. Create an interesting “About” page.

Most bloggers get the most hits on their home page, their latest post, and second to that is their “About” page. This page is a great way to tell your readers who you are. Make sure you put your best foot forward. I look through lots of blogs and sometimes find good ideas on their pages that I use on mine, I don’t copy, just pattern it the same.

4. Use a good picture of you.

A head shot is great, but sometimes more than one pic is good. Find a pic of you that presents your personality in the best light. I see some blogs that use professionally done photos and it really appears to be worth the money.

5. Make your posts easy to tweet, email, etc.

You see below my posts are icons you can click on to tweet the post or send it to facebook. If you use a wordpress blog, it is easy to add these. Go to Dashboard, go down the list on the left hand column to “settings” and then click “sharing.” Scroll down in sharing to find the social media sharing icons.

6. Use other social media to draw people to your blog.

Use Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, StumbleUpon and other social media to tell people about your blog. I use http://www.hootsuite.com to post tweets and facebook. You can schedule the tweets and posts to occur at any time, even weeks in advance. There are other sites that offer free software to do this because I often need to spread out my tweets.

7. Make sure you use good tag words that search engines can find.

One professional blogger posted on a method to speed up your iphone, it became one of his most popular posts because people were searching for that on google and other search engines.

8. Post frequently, but not so often that you give up quality.

Some pro bloggers post five times a week. You might see grammar errors in their posts. They are just too busy to proof read all of their posts often enough to make sure the grammar is perfect. But don’t give up quality for quantity.

9. Browse other blogs and click “like” and leave comments.

This tells people that you have a blog. Make sure your gravatar has a link to your blog and the web address.

10. You can even buy advertising for your blog

Web sites like Stumbleupon.com, Reddit.com, buysellads.com sell advertising that can send people to your blogs.


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