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You have heard the old saying, count your blessings. I have heard many people say that when they make a list of the things they like, they feel much happier. I firmly believe that everyone has a much longer list of blessings than sufferings. In fact, most of us allow just one or two sad things to bring us down, when we have dozens of good things that make us happy.

The movie Sound of Music is special to many people, but what I like most about it is the song These Are a Few of My Favorite Things. In the movie, the nanny tells the children that if they are afraid or facing any difficulty, to sing a song about their favorite things. That song always lifts my spirits even when I am already happy.

One of the most powerful things about listing your blessings is that it brings more blessings into your life. That may seem difficult to believe, but if you  think about it, you will see it is true. Once I bought a white Dodge van. After buying it I suddenly noticed hundreds of white Dodge vans on the streets over the next few months. Why? My brain had been made aware of white Dodge vans in a powerful way because I bought one.

In the same way, when you count your blessings, it makes both your conscious mind and subconscious aware of blessings. The subconscious is many times more powerful than the conscious. It starts to work on the ideas you list as blessings, finding ways to bring them into your life, or to bring similar things into your life.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. When you think about things you love or like, you tap into the incredible power of love.

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  1. It is true what you say about the subconscious mind making associations. Many years ago I used to drive company cars and we often swapped cars. There was one bright yellow car in the pool and in the UK bright yellow cars are not common. But as soon as I drove it I kept seeing yellow cars everywhere, it was like they suddenly appeared from nowhere.

    The reality was as you say, I was just focused on them so more aware of them than before. Perhaps looking at the road ahead I was always aware of the yellow of the car in my view and that reinforced the awareness.

    I have also found the same to be true of other things, even just something I think of like an idea, I then begin to see it in all sorts of places I hadn’t noticed it before.

  2. I used to try to do a gratitude list at least once a week. It kind of fell by the wayside with work and parenting and commuting and all those things seem so important but really aren’t. I need to get back to that.

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