15 year old sexually battered


Please pass this on, it could save a life!

A 15 year out girl (shown here) passed out at a party, was sexually abused and killed herself after seeing video online of the ordeal. Girls, be careful, people can slip roofies in your drink (coke, booze, whatever) that will knock you unconscious. Getting drunk can make you pass out, and since this girl was only 15, she may have never had alcohol before, making her get drunk very easily.

I don’t know if she passed out from booze or roofies, but either way what they did was wrong. Several teens were arrested for abusing her. Her family wanted this shared to protect other people like her.

Normally I only post positive and encouraging information on this blog but in this case I felt I had to post this to warn people.

You can read the news article about it here:

I was so sorry to hear the girl killed herself, but this blog is all about overcoming difficulties and finding success in relationships, career, finances, etc. Below are some links that will hopefully make you feel better after reading this sad story. Please pass this on to anyone who might benefit from it.

On the lighter side:
joke about a school girl, three men in an airplane (ends more happily than the story above)


  1. There are many kind and caring comments herein about alcohol and young people watching out for themselves, particularly girls.
    The elusive heart of the matter is teaching our young people (in this case the participants) about strength of character, about right, wrong, indifference and duty.
    I’ll say here and now that if my children were there, my sons OR daughters, they may have participated in the drinking, but would have done everything in their power to prevent the assault on this young woman.
    Stepping up to do what is right, to stop the wrong, requires the character and bravery that I say, with some pride, my children possess.
    We must teach by example.

    Be at peace,


  2. Reblogged this on The Sicilian Frog and commented:
    Sad, very sad. Be careful, very careful out there in the world. While there are man out there who will love you and help you there are also many who will take advantage of you and hurt you without a second thought.

  3. Reblogged this on imconfident and commented:
    Things like this should never happen but sadly we keep hearing about them. Parents need to become more involved in their children’s lives, keep the lines of communication open and set some proper boundaries that are reinforced. Children need strong role models who help them build esteem, so they are not swayed by peer pressure and end up doing things that will cause problems for them.

    • I have to respectfully disagree with you. I don’t think anyone would argue what happened to her was wrong but to say that the solution is to teach our children not to drink is to take the responsibility away from the rapists. We live in a world in which rape is tacitly and sometimes openly ignored or even approved of. It is not an exaggeration to say that we live in a “rape culture”. What we should be educating our young people about is respect of each other and particularly of women. Let’s not blame the victim.

      And as for teaching our youth not to drink, what we need to do is teach our youth to drink responsibly. I have spent a fair bit of time in Italy where you rarely see drunkenness even amongst the youth. These kids have grown up learning responsible social drinking from the adults around them and from being allowed small amounts of wine as they grew up. I did the same thing with my daughter. When I took my daughter to start college halfway across the country, the drinking on campus was already well underway. I saw drunkenness all over the little town in which her college sat. It was pretty disgusting. My daughter learned responsible drinking and therefore has never gotten herself into trouble.

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