15 year old sexually battered


Please pass this on, it could save a life!

A 15 year out girl (shown here) passed out at a party, was sexually abused and killed herself after seeing video online of the ordeal. Girls, be careful, people can slip roofies in your drink (coke, booze, whatever) that will knock you unconscious. Getting drunk can make you pass out, and since this girl was only 15, she may have never had alcohol before, making her get drunk very easily.

I don’t know if she passed out from booze or roofies, but either way what they did was wrong. Several teens were arrested for abusing her. Her family wanted this shared to protect other people like her.

Normally I only post positive and encouraging information on this blog but in this case I felt I had to post this to warn people.

You can read the news article about it here:

I was so sorry to hear the girl killed herself, but this blog is all about overcoming difficulties and finding success in relationships, career, finances, etc. Below are some links that will hopefully make you feel better after reading this sad story. Please pass this on to anyone who might benefit from it.

On the lighter side:
joke about a school girl, three men in an airplane (ends more happily than the story above)


  1. I’m glad I’m not a parent…with a shotgun! If I had sons, and they did that- I would have them hung upside down until they’re ready to beg her family for forgiveness.

  2. This is terribly sad. I really feel for her and her parents. We live in an increasingly sick world. 😦

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