How embarrassing (humor)


Before you read this you must know that I’m sort of a charm school reject. I blame my mom, she never sent me to charm school. Well, I really can’t blame her. No respectable charm school would ever allow me in their doors. If low class humor is not for you, stop reading now! I really did experience this embarrassing event.

During the tornado drill about a month ago, I was not able to make it to the shelter with my coworkers because I was sitting on the potty when the tornado alarm went off. Later, in a crew meeting, I was asked why I didn’t show up in the tunnel.

I told them what I was doing and said that some thought it was a crappy excuse, but no one had made a stink about it. One person told me that if it had been a real tornado I would just have to kiss my butt goodbye. Well, I didn’t fight back when he said that, I turned the other cheek. When I was finished explaining this in crew meeting, someone accused me of having diarrhea of the mouth.

You know how it is; sometimes things just don’t come out as smoothly as planned. We all have had log jams that slow us down.

So now I still get comments about this situation. One person said “Hey, the sewer department called. They said they have had enough crap out of you!” I guess you could say I am the butt of a few jokes. People are still making cracks about mine.

Surely there are more puns to be made about this, if you can think of one, leave a reply.


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  2. Haha 🙂 I have never heard of such a thing. There is a guy in my company though who spends 2 hours of his working time on the loo every day.. 😀 I wonder what would happen to him if the fire alarm went off while he’s pooping 😉

  3. BTW, Vinny’s got one (but only HE thinks it’s funny). One day a son wuz asked by hiz dad to go to da butcher’s n’ get some wump woast. They ran out so he just cut a piece of hiz butt n’ wapped it up and took it to hiz dad. Hiz dad thought it wuz good, so he sent hiz son out again. But again der wuz no wump woast, so he sliced the other half of hiz butt and bwought it home. Den hiz dad looked at him and sed, “Son, you have no butt- what happened to your butt?” Da son said, “Dad, you ate it all!” 😀

  4. That reminds me…somebody MADE me take charm school with her. (This charm school would have lauded you for honesty & integrity.)

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