How embarrassing (humor)


Before you read this you must know that I’m sort of a charm school reject. I blame my mom, she never sent me to charm school. Well, I really can’t blame her. No respectable charm school would ever allow me in their doors. If low class humor is not for you, stop reading now! I really did experience this embarrassing event.

During the tornado drill about a month ago, I was not able to make it to the shelter with my coworkers because I was sitting on the potty when the tornado alarm went off. Later, in a crew meeting, I was asked why I didn’t show up in the tunnel.

I told them what I was doing and said that some thought it was a crappy excuse, but no one had made a stink about it. One person told me that if it had been a real tornado I would just have to kiss my butt goodbye. Well, I didn’t fight back when he said that, I turned the other cheek. When I was finished explaining this in crew meeting, someone accused me of having diarrhea of the mouth.

You know how it is; sometimes things just don’t come out as smoothly as planned. We all have had log jams that slow us down.

So now I still get comments about this situation. One person said “Hey, the sewer department called. They said they have had enough crap out of you!” I guess you could say I am the butt of a few jokes. People are still making cracks about mine.

Surely there are more puns to be made about this, if you can think of one, leave a reply.


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