What bamboo has to do with your success

Bamboo (Photo credit: Brian Wilkins)

There is a type of bamboo that develops very slowly after it is planted. The roots begin to spread out. The bamboo doesn’t begin to grow up until the roots are fully established.  It takes four years for the roots to develop enough to support a tall bamboo plant. Then suddenly in the fifth year, the bamboo begins to grow very quickly and can grow 80 feet in one year. It can grow almost 4 inches in one day!

Many people work very hard on their dreams and goals in life. They may work hard year after year on a marriage, a relationship, a career, a business or other endeavor. They may feel that they are making no progress. But suddenly, success can come.

Jerry and Jana Lackey worked year after year in Botswana, Africa. They built orphanages and helped poor people. But they were limited by the need for money to build bigger facilities. One day they met a rich German businessman who gave them five million dollars for a huge facility to help people there in Botswana. Their year of growth appeared suddenly.

If you are working hard and don’t see any results, don’t get discouraged. God is lining up all the right people for you. Suddenly a rich businessperson can appear on the scene and help you. Suddenly a spouse or child can change. Suddenly your business can win the big client. Keep the faith and good things really will happen.



  1. Reblogged this on beyondtheflow and commented:
    I found this post very encouraging today. I sometimes feel like I’m plodding along making no progress and I am looking forward to that surge of growth!! Mind you, last year was a pretty phenomenal time for me so I am grateful for the growth I’ve already experienced! xx Rowena

  2. This is a hard concept to remember when people live in an “instant” society. Attention spans are short and so it seems is their perseverance. Unless they have a deep faith, and a willingness to keep putting one foot in front of the other, they will lose interest and give up–I think it takes a deep faith in a higher power to manifest this type of late fulfillment..

  3. Hi, Brad! You know another thing that blew my mind…it takes an oak tree100 years to reach full maturity! 😀

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