Get more views


Use a powerful headline.

A powerful headline will grab people’s attention and arouse enough interest to cause them to read the article.

Make a strong first paragraph

When I scan through blogs I check the headline and a few sentences of the first paragraph. If it looks interesting I click on it to read more. If it doesn’t hook me in I go on to the next post.

Images hook people in

A good photo, art, or diagram can also cause a person to read your post. I often sort wordpress blogs by the tag word “photography” and scan through them, stopping at interesting images.

Make it easy to read

Avoid words that are not simple English. Remember, many people reading your blogs are not native English speakers and won’t understand obscure words. People often like to scan blog posts, so short sentences and headers (in darker print) are good. Professional bloggers say keep posts short, less than 600 words. Normally a blog post is shorter than a magazine article.

More about how to get more blog views in the link below (it is one of my most popular posts):


  1. Images definitely draw attention. Now I am working more on text posts that will draw interest. I get interest now but not as much as my photos; which is humbling and much appreciated! Thank you for the insight in this post and for stopping by my blog.

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