Distorted self image brings disaster

734538_424972How do you see yourself? If you see yourself as a winner, as capable and able, you tend to accomplish much more in life, do better at your job and relationships. I heard a PhD give a speech in which he said that bad self-image was the cause of almost all divorces. At first I did not believe it, but the more I ponder it, the more I believe it may be true. Leave a comment, what do you think about this? Have you seen instances in which a bad self-image caused problems?

There were areas in my life in which I used to feel incompetent. After I picked myself off and dusted off my poor attitude in those areas, I did much better and was much happier.

This is a pic of me taken with a distortion app. It’s a bad self image. I laughed out loud the first time I saw it.


Here are some quotes that have helped me a lot, hope they help you too:

Within you right now is the power to do things you never dreamed possible. Dr. Maxwell Maltz

A man’s life is dyed by the color of his imagination.~ Marcus Aurelius

Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later. ~ Kiyoshaki

Vision is the art of seeing the invisible. ~Johnathon Swift

Visualizing your goal for 7 minutes a day is a huge step forward in achieving it. ~many people

Abundance is the natural state of being. ~Jack Canfield

Abundance is not something we aquire. It is something we tune into. ~Wayne Dyer




  1. Some truth certainly, but beware of over confident people. It is such a loss of time and energy until you find out the sad truth. Politicians are the obvious example…

  2. Funny thing, the About the Author was a mistake, but if it got me nice friends like this, I’ll swallow up the embarrassment! 😀

  3. Poor self-image is probably something that many people would not want to admit to. But I would certainly agree that it contributes to divorce, because it makes you needy. If one both parties in the relationship is needy, the relationship is out of balance. Someone is going to get tired of having to give attention and someone is going to be tired of having to beg for attention. Neither party may every recognize the source of the conflict, but it will send them down that road that leads to a dissolution of the relationship.

    As I have gotten older I have come to rely on the two words “Can Do”. If I believe I can do it, it will get done. If I start out thinking that I can’t do it, well there are going to be problems. That’s my two cents.

    Thanks for stopping by again and the like of my post “Clouds Parting or Closing?”.

  4. We have been domesticated into some perverse thinking about ourselves, others and our beautiful planet. Once you break through and see it for what it is, and realize you are beautiful because you merely exist, freedom awaits! And I agree with you Bradley, getting my spiritual life in place was a must.

  5. A person who has a need to control others is a person with a poor self image. They have to tear others down to build themselves up. The problem is–it never works. The controller constantly changes the rules for those around them, and usually, others walk away leaving the controller alone. Then he must find someone else to dominate. Yes, I can see how this causes a divorce. It caused mine.

  6. Huh… I never thought about poor self image being a major cause of divorce, but I can certainly see how it could be a huge contributing factor. I’ve also struggled with poor self image, but faith and the maturity of age are helping. I dream of a world where we don’t damage our kids’ self esteem but foster self worth through proper discipline and a willingness to truly love.

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