Speed up your computer and iphone

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Speed up computer

1. One of simplest ways to speed up your computer is to turn it off every night. Turning the computer off clears out the RAM so that when you turn the computer on again it will work faster. After playing computer games or viewing lots of photos the RAM is loaded up, I often restart to make the computer run faster.

2. Use good antivirus to protect your computer from spyware which slows it down. Free download from microsoft: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/security-essentials-download

3. Free up disk space

  • empty your recycle bin
  • remove temporary internet files
  • get rid of installed programs
  • delete components that you don’t use
  • defragment your disk. When you use the computer, the files get fragmented, causeing it to spend more time searching in different places than if all the file was in the same place on the hard drive.

To speed up your iphone:

First, delete all your text messages. You can go to the Messages app and display lists of everyone you have exchanged messages with. Press “edit” and delete all the conversations.

Secondly, shut down all open apps.

Third, reset your iphone. Hole the Home button down and at the same time press Power with your other hand. You have to press it for 10 seconds or more until the Apple logo appears.

RAM (Photo credit: brutalSoCal)

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