Fishing jokes

Boat reflection
Boat reflection (Photo credit: Jesper Hauge)

On a summer day three preachers were sitting in a boat fishing. One of them said, “Hey let’s get everything off our chests and tell each other our worst sins.”

They thought about it for a while then one of them said “OK, I’ll go first. My worst sin is that I gamble. Sometimes I sneak away to another city to go to the casino there. I have to think up creative lies to tell why money is missing.”

The second one said, “Alright, I’ll tell you my worst sin. I cheat on my income tax. I always feel bad about it after I do it, and worry that I’ll get caught by the IRS.”

It got very quiet. Finally the man who went first said to the one who hadn’t spoken yet, “OK, now it is your turn. What is your worst sin? We both told you ours, now you have to tell us yours.”

The man was silent for a short time, then said “My biggest sin is that I love to gossip. I just can’t wait to get out of this boat!”


A game warden heard that someone was fishing illegally by throwing dynamite into the lake. The explosion would kill fish in the nearby area and they would float up to the top of the water and he would net them into his boat.

The game warden approached all the boats on the large lake he could find to see if there were explosives on board. One day he brought his boat close to man in a bass boat and asked to take a look. The man refused and since the warden didn’t have legal right to board his boat he decided to talk to the man.

“I hear someone has been dynamite fishing in this area, which is illegal. Have you seen anyone doing that?”

The man in the bass boat shook his head, but the game warden was suspicious. He decided to stay and talk to the stranger for awhile. Finally the stranger got sick of the warden preaching about the illegality of dynamite fishing and he reached down and grabbed a stick of dynamite. He quickly lit it, threw it to the game warden and said

“Are you gonna preach or are you gonna fish?”


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