Get more done in less time, enjoy it more

AM management

Brian Tracy is one of the top professional business and personal success speakers and authors in the world. His time management books are the bestselling in that genre in the world (in 38 languages). This information is from a free email that I received from his website at .

The importance of time management

Successful people all place high value on time management, they constantly work to be more and more efficient.

Most people think they are too busy, incapable of improving time management. But the more disorganized a person is, the more stress they have in life. You can improve time management if your motivation is high enough.

7 steps to get more done in less time

1.    Decide what you want

2.    Write it down in detail

3.    Set a deadline to get it done

4.    Make a list of everything need to do to accomplish the task

5.    Organize your list, what should you do first, second, etc.

6.    Take action

7.    Do something every day to achieve your goals

These steps will help you get more done in less time, be less stressed out and feel even better about your job performance.

Develop habits that get things done

Everything is hard before it is easy, time management is hard to start, but becomes easy later. One of the most important techniques is to visualize yourself as a highly efficient person

Develop habits that get things done.

Clear workplace of everything except what you need to get a task done

Think like a genius. Stop and think about how you approach decisions. Is it the smartest way?

Be aware of body language, think about how you sit. If you are slouching in your chair, that shows how you think of your job or your attitude of it. Sit up straight because you think with greater clarity and focus when you do.

Overcome procrastination

Procrastination makes people live lives of quiet desperation. Procrastination creates stress and hardship. Develop a reputation for speed and dependability. Fast workers are thought to be more intelligent and competent. Get job done fast and well. The highest paid, most rapidly promoted people are those who work quickly.

1.    Set deadlines on all important tasks and tell people of your dead line, this helps motivate you to get it done.

2.    Create reward system for completing each task. A cup coffee might be a reward for a small task, go out for lunch for a larger task complete, dinner for an even larger task. We are motivated by rewards.

3.    Refuse to make excuses or rationalize. If it is to be, it is up to me!

4.    Accept 100% responsibility, no excuses or blaming

Once you break the habit of procrastination it will pay off for the rest of your life.


  1. Thank you for sharing this blog. Time management is really very important when you have more than 20 tasks to perform daily. I worked more than 50 hrs a week.. We should know the urgency of our task. I overcome my procrastination….every week i give reward for myself…food is the best reward for me 🙂

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