Visualization helps you succeed

Students at Mililani Middle School
Middle school students

Patrick Taylor in Louisiana became rich from the oil business. He decided he wanted to give back to the community, and to teach some of the things he had learned about building wealth.

He found an inner city middle school which fed a high school where the dropout rate was 86%. That meant that almost all the students did not graduate from that high school. Patrick told the students that if they would keep a B average and 98% attendance record he would pay for their college education. But he knew the students would forget about this, or maybe would not believe they could do it.

The Plan

He and the teachers knew they had to do more than just talk about it. So they took the students to a college campus and each middle school student shadowed a college student for the day. They went to class, student union, library and other places with a college student.

Patrick asked the teacher to do something else. Every morning they would ask the student to close their eyes and visualize being on the college campus as if they were students there. The class of students that were in involved with the daily visualization finished their last year of high school with a 16% drop out rate. It went from 86% dropout to 16%, an amazing turnaround.

Visualization is used in sports

Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, East Germany had more gold medal winners in the Olympics per capita than any other country. One of their secrets was visualization. In fact, they had perfected the art of visualization so well, it was kept classified as state secrets.

American Olympic athletes practice visualization. Every day they see themselves performing flawlessly at their sport. Then they see themselves standing on the winners stand receiving a gold medal for their achievement. It has been found that this creates the faith they need to work hard and maintain the persistence to become champion athletes.

Your dreams are important

What are your dreams and goals in life? If you want to own a Rolls Royce, go to the dealership and hang out. Visualize yourself in one every day. Hang pictures of Rolls cars where you will see them often.

If your goal is great relationships, visualize it every day. Use pictures and vision boards to put the goal deeply in your mind. I found that faith, optimism is extremely important in relationships. Pessimism tends to tear relationships down. When I feel pessimistic about how a loved one feels about me and I dwell on negative feelings, pretty soon I begin to act out the negativity.

Visualize yourself winning

Brian Tracy, success coach and self-made millionaire said this:

“Visualize yourself as highly efficient. Your subconscious mind is most immediately influenced by mental pictures. In self-image psychology, the person you see is the person you will be. Begin to see yourself as one of the most highly effective people you know. Recall and recreate memories and pictures of yourself when you were performing at your best. Think of a time when you were working efficiently and effectively and getting through an enormous amount of work. Play this picture of yourself over and over again on the screen of your mind.

In athletic training, this is called ‘‘mental rehearsal.’’ This requires practicing and rehearsing actions in your mind before you actually engage in the physical activity. The more relaxed you are when you visualize yourself performing at your best, the more rapidly this command is accepted by your subconscious mind and becomes a part of your thinking and behavior later on.”

There are hundreds of true stories about visualization. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, who helped many people achieve success wrote an entire book about the importance of visualizing. Visualize yourself to success. Believe it, work hard and do it!

Affirmation: “I am happy, healthy, wealthy, wise and good looking.”


  1. I am a firm believer in visualization also. Imwas having a particularly hard time with a literature review. It was taking forever and I just wanted to be done with it. Throughout the long process of completing it, I nearly gave up. However, I knew that I could do it. So, I visualized myself finishing it. I visualized exhaling and closing the laptop. That kept me going until I did just that.

  2. Thank you for this inspirational post. What a great reminder that envisioning ourselves achieving our dreams can actually help make it happen! Thank you, Brad, and thank you for stopping by Travel Oops and liking the post about the frozen lake! Steph

  3. Jim Thorpe did this, also! People would think he was just gazing into space, and he certainly wasn’t training in any traditional sense. I am going to start this every day- thanks for the boost!

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