The invisible world

Rainy day people always seem to know when it’s time to call. ~Gordon Lightfoot

Have you ever been feeling down and someone who cares about you calls out of the blue even though he had no way of knowing you were down? It is as if they could sense your sadness even though they were not with you.

“When I saw the policeman at my door, I knew my father had died.”

Many years ago a friend told me that one day she was at school and she suddenly felt that something terrible had happened. Later a policeman came to the door of her house and she knew without a doubt what had happened. Her father had died. He was killed in a car wreck. How could she know? Was there a “disturbance in the force” like they talked about in Star Wars? Is there really a collective unconscious, as so many psychologists believe?

I remember another close friend who moved away from the town I lived in to Cape Canaveral, Florida. She said that she actually felt closer to our little circle of friends after she left than before. She said it was as if she was with us in spirit.

The invisible world is much more beautiful than the one we can see with our eyes. Faith, hope, love, joy, peace and people’s spirits are in the invisible realms. We can’t see love, but sometimes we can feel it. Just because we don’t feel it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Napoleon Hill studied 500 extremely successful people such as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, US presidents, Andrew Carnegie and others and found that a common belief they had was that there is something like a collective unconscious available to give us insights into the secrets of the universe and ideas for success. Isaac Newton, the most brilliant scientist that ever lived, died long before the term “collective unconscious” was made by the psychologist Carl Jung, but he believed that God gave him insights into the secrets of science.

One day a girl was walking down the street in Seoul, South Korea. As she walked she felt that something was telling her to go to a house down the street. She had no idea why she should do that, except that she felt she was supposed to pray for someone, she didn’t know who. She timidly walked up to the door of the house she had not been to before, not knowing who would answer. A lady answered. The girl asked if anyone in the house needed prayer. The lady said,

“My son is in bed. He is dying. Would you pray for him?”

She went to the boy’s bed and prayed for him. He began to recover. He later became a pastor and through powerful faith built the largest church in the world. His name is Dr. Cho.

In John chapter seven Jesus says that Christians are one with God and with each other. I suppose that means we are one in spirit. The more we tap into the oneness of spirit, the more we can learn the secrets of the universe. Our spirits are set free, we love others more and more, and we can experience more love, joy and peace.


  1. Fascinating post.

    You mention that the “invisible world is much more beautiful than the one we can see with our eyes;” it is not all beautiful is it? The Bible speaks of a struggle “against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” What are your thoughts on this aspect of the invisible world?

  2. Hmm, not surprisingly I do happen to believe in psychics, and I have direct experience with what you’re talking about. It amazes me in my own work all the time, and in that of others. There does seem to be some connection between all people and all spirit, and although I don’t know how exactly it functions, it truly is beautiful and magical. Thanks for this lovely post!

  3. Wonderful post! We’ve barely uncovered what we don’t know. I find collective dreams a very interesting phenomenon as well as human intuition. That voice from somewhere beyond the mind…

  4. There are times when I feel sad due to no apparent reason, all I want to do is cry. Other times, I will dream about the same relative every night only to hear some not so good news later. But recently, I have been dreaming about eldery people constantly preparing and handing me plates of food. What do you suppose that means?

  5. Very good post and I believe we have an instinct or premonition when things are going to happen some more than others. I am not talking psychics or fortune-tellers (don’t believe in them) but feel others have more of that connection than others and have honed it knowingly or not. I will post an intuition story that happened to me.

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