The incoherent ramblings of a lunatic during the last full moon. And Lady Gaga.

I decided to do something lighthearted and silly during the last full moon. After reading the thought provoking book “Full Moon” by Seymore Butz who decides to grin and bare it, (that was after I read “Yellow River” by I.P. Freely) I decided to let my creative juices flow. This train wreck of a post is the unfortunate result.

The picture is Lady Gaga when she was nine. Isn’t she cute? More about her later in this post.

I suppose the inspiring, philosophical quote by Mic Jagger explains it pretty well: “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you just might find you get what you need. Ahhhhh yea.” If we really take these words to heart it can make us a little more whatever. It’s just so….whatever. A quote from a rock guitarist in his usual drug induced stupor that I especially love: “Let him paltry when I don’t remember why I let’s go see and then it was over.” I’m sure he understood what he was talking about…or maybe not.

But it is true we don’t always get what we want. I attended a speech by a man who went to Canada to help people in a certain impoverished area with their spiritual, emotional and physical needs. I thought that was pretty cool. I wanted to go and do the same as I listened to his fascinating stories of making a difference in people’s lives. I knew that if I did that kind of work I would get that nice warm feeling every day. At my present job I only get that nice warm feeling from wetting my pants. But anyway, he told about how his wife found that many women in the rural area felt disconnected. So she started an outreach called Girlfriends Unlimited. He told some of the touching stories of how lonely women found a friend. I was so moved that during the question and answer session I told him I wanted to move to Canada and be a part of Girlfriends Unlimited. That door shut firmly in my face, I think it was sexual discrimination, but I didn’t let it get me down. I can’t always get what I want.

By now, if you are still reading this you probably think I suffer from insanity. No, that is not the case at all. I enjoy being insane.

I certainly didn’t get want I wanted at work the other day. My coworker was talking about his nephew who is making it fairly big in Hollywood and how he had dreamed of that since he was a child. Then he went on to tell about another relative who had dreamed of driving a truck since he was five. I told him I’ve always dreamed of being a Chippendale’s dancer. He ignored the comment. (I don’t really want to do be a Chippendale’s dancer, just wanted to shock him, I’d have to lose weight.) When people cling to a dream long enough, it almost always seems to be fulfilled. The picture of Lady Gaga – notice the flair for fashion, black outfit, wide eyes. She must have been perfecting her routine since childhood.

He asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and what kind of woman I was looking for. He always thinks he needs to get me fixed up. I told him again that I want a woman the way I like my tea– strong, hot and sweet. He ignored that too. I don’t know why he doesn’t take me seriously. Once he even suggested I was demon possessed, but I’m sure the only reason he felt that way is that I forgot to pay my exorcist that month and got repossessed.

He sometimes told me wild, incredible, unbelievable stories, like the time at Christmas he was with all the family and in-laws sitting around the fireplace chatting. He said his father got up a laid a log on the fire. That was really hard for me to believe. For one, his dad is not the kind of person to lay a log in front of everyone, secondly, I’m sure he would burn his butt before he could finish laying the log. I just can’t picture his dad deciding to grin and bare it.

Then he had the gall to suggest maybe I have a drinking problem. I told him I don’t have a drinking problem at all, I can quit drinking any time I want. I quit drinking three times yesterday.

I really got carried away that day…….. by the men in white.


  1. “By now, if you are still reading this you probably think I suffer from insanity. No, that is not the case at all. I enjoy being insane.” Who doesn’t?
    Thank you for brightening my day. :3

  2. Ha! I like it a LOT! Like the insanity, like the ramblings, like that most of it I was say “What”!!! and most of all I like that it’s me feel a little more ‘sane’ – or maybe I just feel happy that I’m not “insane” all on my own, 😉 Thanks – this has given me the boost I needed to write some of my posts for the very reason I started a blog – to take the crazy muddled thoughts and musings from my head and see what other people make of them. Looking forward to reading more when I get another 5 minutes later. 🙂

  3. You, sir, are a goof, sir. And just for the record, personally I like my men like I like my coffee – Jewish.

    What? Yes, I realize that doesn’t make sense. It’s not my fault there are no Jewish beverages to analogize with. If you can think of one, do let me know. 😛

  4. Hi, after perusing your posts of late, I can, with confidence, recommend the following books for you to read, as I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy them:
    1) Rusty Bedsprings by I.P. Nightly
    2) Falling off the Cliff By Ilene Dover.

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