Goals are a key to success

English: Memorial Chapel on Yale University's ...
English: Memorial Chapel on Yale University’s Old Campus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.  ~Henry Ford
Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.  ~Les Brown
Some of the world’s greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible.  ~Doug Larson

I once read that the 4% who graduated from Yale University with definite goals were investigated 20 years later. They had accomplished more than the 96% who didn’t have goals.

Brian Tracy, the inspirational writer who started as a dishwasher and became a multimillionaire said that after twenty years of coaching and observing people, he feels success is all about goals.

You have probably heard about SMART goals:
S specific: A goal must be written down in the positive form such as “I will weigh 230 pounds by May December 20, 2012 in a specific manner. The subconscious mind needs a specific, positive goal in order to process all the ideas and motivation to achieve the goal. Keep the goals where you can review them daily, especially just before bed at night.

M measurable: A goal must have some way to measure the outcome. For example, I can’t just say I want to lose a lot of weight, because there is no way to know when I have achieved that goal.

A Attainable: the goals must be high enough to cause you to really want the outcome and spend energy working for it. A series of small goals can be used to achieve a larger goal such as “I will go from 250 pounds to 245 pounds by October 31, 2012.” Losing five pounds is reasonable and attainable.

R Realistic: If my goal is to write a book in addition to my full time job and play golf every day, that is not a realistic goal. High goals are actually sometimes more realistic than low goals because they can be more exciting and life changing.

T Timely: there must be a definite date when the goal is to be accomplished. This is extremely difficult to do.  I often don’t reach my goals on time. That is OK, if I get discouraged I just read or listen to motivational/inspirational material and the excitement of reaching for a goal comes back to me to replace the discouragement.

Brian Tracy said: “Writing the goal down makes you believe that you can achieve your goals. The more often you write them, the more you will believe you can achieve. If your reasons are big enough, belief solid enough and desire intense enough nothing can stop you.”


  1. Allison – I’m proud of you. I know that you’re capable of anphmclisoicg everything you desire out of life. I can’t wait to see what is ahead, and know that I will always support you. You’re photography alone has grown so much over the past year or so; its been a pleasure to watch. I’m excited to see how the rest of your story unfolds

  2. well like it either navigate your own ship or be left at the mercy of waves.

    I wonder sometimes what could be more interesting than making your own life interesting, but constantly asking yourself is there more that I can learn, is there more that i can do? Is this the best way that I can do it?

    Am i fine with so much? Do I want more? How can it get any better? Can it get more better?

    Today i will buy flowers for my girl, should it the usual roses? Or am I will to spend 15 minutes with the florist picking out flowers, mixing and matching and smelling and adding a few more : some orchids, a tupil, few roses?

    The point being the ultimate goal is to be a bit further than you were yesterday : whether in knowledge or in work or in exercise or in relationships. And the best way to do so is to break it down in little little goals, striving to achieve perfection in everything that you touch to do.


    Because you are worth it.

  3. Enjoyed your post. Goals are extremely important, as you say, but I’ve also found that they need to be balanced with a realistic sense of living in the moment. I think that there is always the danger that we become so goal- orientated that the future dominates.

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