Sophia Loren went from rags to riches. She grew up very poor and fatherless in Italy and was wounded by shrapnel in World War 2. A film producer, Carlo Ponti, discovered her when she was 15 (later married her) and helped her rise to stardom. She is considered the number one female actress from Italy. One thing that some notice about her is her gratitude. She never forgot what Ponti did for her and was grateful to him her entire life. She stayed married to him until he died on 10 January 2007 of pulmonary complications. When asked if she would ever marry again she said she would not because it would be impossible to love anyone else. She did a lot of charity work and is a devout Christian.

You have probably noticed that grateful people are usually happy and easy to get along with and ungrateful people are usually unhappy and are often hard to deal with. People who are grateful to their loved ones always have happier relationships. Too often it is easy to keep a list of the bad things other people do instead of the good. Keeping a “bad list” ends up hurting the list keeper even more than the others.

When I wake up in a bad mood I find the best way to change to a happy mood is gratitude. I, like anyone else, can easily think of more than a dozen things to be thankful for as I walk to the bathroom to get ready for the new day. The more I think of things to add to my list of blessings, the easier it is to make the list.

I think it is great that Sophia Loren is known for her gratitude. Not many rich and famous Hollywood stars stay married, but she did. Maybe her humble beginnings help her maintain humility in spite of the fact that she is world famous.

English: Joan Collins and Sophia Loren, 2009.


  1. I couldn’t agree more. I know that gratitude is one of the ‘secrets’ of my happy marriage. And I love seeing the look on people’s faces when I tell them the secret (because it’s a question we do get asked). A little gratitude goes a long, long way. Thanks for the post.

  2. It is a wonderful thing to be known for your gratitude. People who are thankful also tend to be generous as well. They never forget where they came from and the people who helped them along the way.

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